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22 Dec, 2017

Human Resources Internships: Job Description

Ever wonder about those people that conduct interviews and decide which applicant, from a long list of candidates, will get the job? They are the people who will be the first one to be in contact with you when you apply for a position. Those people are part of the human resources department. Not only in recruitment, human resources also hold important positions in training new employees and determining the employees’ benefits program. They are also the ones that deal with interpersonal relationships and problems of everyone in the company, from the janitor to the management. If you want to try your hand at a human resources internship, take a look at the possible job descriptions you might be interested in.

Hiring Recruiter

With the challenges in finding the right person from an increasingly large pool of candidates, hiring recruiters have become an essential part of any organization. As the name suggest, their main responsibility is to find an employee with skill, experience, potential, and background that are best suited for the available position in the company. In order to do so, they begin by attending a recruiter planning meeting to determine what positions need to be filled, completed with the appropriate job description. Then, they post the job opening on the proper channel, do a screening process for all the applicants, conduct interviews, and perform background checks. Furthermore, to find professionals that could benefit the company, there are times when hiring recruiters’ job would also involve headhunting. Possible job description for human resources internship in this field might look like this.

·       Attract potential candidates by networking through social media, putting out job notification in the appropriate channel, etc.

·       Write and update job description

·       Screen resume and CV

·       Conduct interviews and background check

·       Recommend the best candidates to the hiring manager

Training and Development Officer

All employees need to be properly trained to keep up with advancement and to be able to stay competitive in their field. As an officer in this field, your duty is to plan and administer training program that will equip employees with the skills they need. You can either conduct the training yourself or invite a third party professional to do it. You will also work together with people from recruitment to give orientation to new employees. The purpose of the orientation is to introduce them to the company values and policy and also to familiarize them around the facilities. Ensuring that new employees feel comfortable with their environment should be the goal of this endeavor. Possible job description for human resources internship in this field might look like this.

·       Conduct job evaluation survey to assess what training and development program that is needed

·       Design and administer training programs

·       Oversee new employee orientation

·       Compile reports of training progress and submit them to management

Benefit Manager

Benefit manager is essentially in charge of overseeing the benefit packages for the employee. Their duties include coordinating and administering insurance plans, pensions, leave benefit, and other programs that are balanced and in line with the company’s policy. The people in this position will also need to research and gain insight into other company’s program to make sure that their own program come out on top and stay competitive in the market. This is important to make sure current employees do not leave and to attract new highly skilled candidates for the company. Possible job description for human resources internship in this field might look like this.  

·       Design and recommend benefit packages

·       Research other types of programs and adjust the existing ones accordingly to stay competitive

·       Study and comply with legal requirements and brings in consultant if needed

·       Compile report to inform employees of the benefit plans and consult them when necessary

Creating a positive work environment by placing the right person in the right position and supporting them is vital for a company’s success and wellbeing. An internship in this field will give you the skill and experience you need to do just that. If you are interested in a human resources internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!