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21 Feb, 2018

Legal Internships: Job Description

Legal systems are known to be complex and full of difficult terminologies that make it hard for a layman to understand their meanings. At the same time, it is most likely that a person would need a legal advice at least once in their life, or even someone to defend their rights when they get into trouble with the law. The legal industry provides these services, helping people with their problems regarding the country’s legal system. As there are many aspects of our life that are governed by the law, the people in this industry have differing set of skills and specialties depending on the subject of their choosing. For those interested in taking a legal internship, take a look at some of the possible job description.        


A paralegal job is to assist lawyers in going through legal problems and in preparing cases. Their day-to-day activity ranges widely from doing research to performing administrative duty. Although a paralegal cannot give legal advice or represent a client in court, they still work intimately with the case and the client themselves. Sometimes, they are the ones who will keep close contact with the clients. Possible job description for a legal internship in this field might look like this:

  • Interview clients and take statements from important witnesses
  • Do legal research and help prepare for presentations
  • Takes notes during trial and give assistance to the lawyer in any way possible
  • Perform basic clerical duties such as taking calls and arranging meetings  

Notary Public

With authority granted by the government, a notary public has the power to be the witness of a document signing and to verify its authenticity. First, a notary has to confirm the identity of the participating party by looking at their government issued ID such as passports. Then, after all party finish signing the document, the notary public will affix their stamp and sign the document as well. Another role of a notary is to administer oaths. A person who lies after taking this oath can be charged with perjury. Possible job description for a legal internship in this field might look like this:

  • Inform clients and ensure that they understand the mechanics of a legal document
  • Verify the authenticity of ID papers such as birth certificate, driver license, etc.
  • Inform witnesses the consequences of breaking oaths and prepare affidavit with the proper format
  • Assist clients with any questions they may have


A lawyer has a wide variety of duties. Representing clients in the courtroom is just one of many. They give legal advice and draft binding documents. They carry out the will of the deceased and pass over the message written there to the intended recipient. A lawyer can represent an individual or an entire company in legal proceedings. Although their role varies, depending on their specialization, what is true for every lawyer is that they always work for their client’s best interest and honor the lawyer-client privilege. Possible job description for a legal internship in this field might look like this:

  • Keep up with new law, amendments, and any legal news
  • Consult clients on legal problems
  • Perform research on current case
  • Mediate disputes and negotiate terms

Customs Officer

Making sure no illegal goods get into the country is the main duty of a customs officer. Most of them work in the ports and airports, keeping tight watch on any incoming luggage. Any suspicious items or items with duty that has not been paid for are seized until further investigations. They have the authority to search any suspected individuals or vehicles for smuggled goods. Other duties include checking import and export documents and make sure they comply by the corresponding law. Possible job description for a legal internship in this field might look like this:

  • Search for illegal goods and baggage with unpaid duty
  • Help with the arrest process of suspected smugglers
  • Give advice to customers regarding custom-related problem
  • Work in tandem with the police and international association in keeping watch for suspicious activities

Dealing with the law is not a pleasant experience for most people. A lot of time it takes a long and complicated process. An internship in the legal industry will prepare you to if you want to pursue a career in this industry and ease the burden of these people with your intimate knowledge of the law. If you are interested in a legal internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!