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02 Feb, 2018

Volunteer Internship: Job Description

If you want to have an immersive experience in another culture, learn new skills and knowledge, and help to make the world a better place at the same time, consider applying for a Volunteer Internship. By the word volunteer, this will be an activity where you voluntarily give your effort and time to help support a cause to the betterment of a community. You can be helping with the conservation of the environment and wildlife, improvement of the health conditions and education of the society, and so many other important causes. If you want to try your hand at a volunteer internship, here are several possibilities you might be interested in.

Animals & Wildlife

Like the name suggest, this volunteer internship will be dealing with the care and preservations and various animals and wildlife. With the many unfortunate cases of animal neglect and abuse, and even illegal trading and endangered animals, there is a need for volunteers in many animal shelters and sanctuary. Mostly, you will be responsible in the care of the animals. For those of you who major in the veterinary care, you might also have the chance to work with professional vets. You can also help in promoting awareness in the society and encourage people to have compassion for animals, by using many different media. Possible job description for volunteer internship in this field might look like this.

  • Assist with the feeding of the animals
  • Maintain cleanliness of the surrounding facility
  • Monitor the behavior of animals
  • Assist the local vets for the care of the animals
  • Create and/or maintain media (workshop, online campaign, printed media) for educating the society about animal right

Environmental Conservation

Human development usually come at the expense of the environment, from global climate change and pollution to overpopulation. By volunteering at environmental conservation, you will be able to help protect our beautiful earth from further degradation. You can be involved the conservation and management of agriculture and plantation, marine life, to educating the community about environmental issues. Possible job description for volunteer internship in this field might look like this.

  • Help with species and plants cataloguing
  • Assist with the plant cultivation
  • Support with cleanups of surrounding areas
  • Conduct research about resources and waste management
  • Organize events or workshops to educate the community   


Quality education is still a privilege in many places all around the world. Whether it is because of lack of infrastructures, teaching staffs or other resources, getting a proper education can be a problem for many students. This is why volunteers are very necessary in this field to create a better learning experience for the students. Education volunteer internship will not be limited to only teaching English, you might also teach other academic subjects as well as other life skills. You will start with shadowing the teacher and moving on to teaching your own class eventually. You will also need to help with organizing lesson plans. In certain impoverished areas, you might also need to help with the construction of the school infrastructure. Possible job description for volunteer internship in this field might look like this.

  • Help with construction of necessary education infrastructure
  • Teach a class about various subjects
  • Build a lesson plan

Children and Youth

If you love working with children and youth, there is a great need for volunteers to work with them. Children and youth are the future of a country and even the world. However, all around the world, especially in many developing countries, there are plenty of cases for abandoned, impoverished children and at-risk youth. You can help make their life better by volunteering in an orphanage, day care center or community centers. You will be responsible with preparing their food, keeping the location clean, help them with their study or just simply give them attention and compassion. Possible job description for volunteer internship in this field might look like this.

  • Assist with the preparation of nutritious food
  • Help maintain cleanliness of the facility
  • Set up mentorship program to help with their study
  • Arrange fun after-school activities, like sports or music  


Another area where volunteers are really needed is in healthcare. In many developing countries and remote areas, good healthcare is can sometimes be pretty inaccessible. It can be caused by insufficient health facilities and services, limited resources, or simply lack of proper health education. If you are properly trained healthcare professionals, you can help by giving assistance to the doctors and nurses of the health facilities. However, if you do not have the qualification in this field, you can also assist in administrative work and providing health related information. Possible job description for volunteer internship in this field might look like this.

  • Provide assistance to medical professionals in treating patients
  • Help with medical administrative works
  • Be involved in health campaign to promote awareness in community
  • Help with the distribution of medicine and healthcare equipment

Helping others, making the world a better place and gaining valuable experiences at the same time is something that you can only get by doing volunteer internship. It can be a life changing experience for you. If you are interested in a volunteer, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!