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  • 19 Jun, 2024

    Hospitality Internship in the Maldives : A Gateway to Excellence

    The tourism industry has become one of the most important sectors in the global economy, with the Maldives known as an exotic destination for tourists from all over the world. 

    Internships in the hospitality industry in Maldives have become a point of success for many young professionals who aspire to achieve excellence in the field. 

    In this article, we will discuss how an internship in the Maldives is a career opportunity in the hospitality sector.


22 Oct, 2021

Social Media and Job Hiring

Red Flags on Your Social Media

Have you ever think that your "Online Presence" is your "Online Resume"? Your online presence either can be good or bad for yourself. Aroud 61% of HR professionals said that inappropriate content can help then to...

06 Oct, 2021

Most Popular Hospitality Internship Placement

Where to Go for Hospitality Internship?

Hospitality Industry is one of the most popular industries for internships especially in the Maldives, the UAE, France, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. There are some available positions for...

29 Sep, 2021

Internships in Seoul

Improve your skills in Seoul

Are you a K-popers? Or are you attracted to Seoul because of all its progress? Here are some reasons why Seoul is such a special city.

1. The first reason is that Seoul is the largest metropolis in South...

21 Sep, 2021

Rekomendasi Website Belajar Coding

4 Website Pilihan Bagi Kamu yang Mau Belajar Coding

Di era digital saat ini, tahukan teman-teman bahwa kemampuan coding adalah salah satu kemampuan yang dicari?
Ya, seperti yang kita tahu bahwa kemampuan ini dapat digunakan...

07 Sep, 2021

Tools You Need To Build Your Career

Career Preaparation with Bright Internships 

Getting a brilliant career is not easy because it requires careful preparation. We often feel intimidated by the questions, "What do you do?", "How is your work going?", "What is your plan for the...

27 Aug, 2021

Great Resume with No Work Experince

Wanna Make A Great Resume with No Work Experience?

When you only need to write a 1-page resume but you struggle to put on some content because you do not have any work experiences to be write. Don't worry! There are at least 3 things that you...

25 Aug, 2021

Awkward Silence in Interview

How to Face An Awkward Silence in Interview

Can you imagine when you want to impress your interviewer during your job interview and you are facing an awkward silence which seems like an eternity? Whats should you do? Is it a test? Should you...

23 Aug, 2021

How To Build A Start Up

How to Build A Start Up 

Have you ever dreamed of having your own startup company? Then what steps do you take after you dream? Let it be just a dream? Follow the tips below before you start a startup.

1. Have a vision

This is the...

21 Aug, 2021

Tips Magang

Mitos atau Fakta : Magang Harus Sesuai Jurusan? 

Semester 4 atau 5 merupakan masa yang sering membuat para mahasiswa bimbang apakah harus sesuai jurusan atau keinginan. Kita merasa kita ingin menggali passion baru tetapi kalau magang apakah...

18 Aug, 2021

Internships in Qatar

How to Internships in Qatar

Has it ever crossed your mind when we talked about Qatar? What comes to your mind when we talk about Qatar? Isn't Qatar a beautiful place to visit? Here are some reasons why you should do internships in Qatar....

13 Aug, 2021

Leader or Boss?

You are a boss or a leader?

Do you know the difference between a boss and a leader? In a leadership style, there is no perfect way when it comes to managing the people.But when you ask how to improve leadership skills, let's find out what makes...

04 Aug, 2021

Persiapan Karir: Resume dan Wawancara

Dibalik sebuah tawaran pekerjaan yang hebat, tentu ada persiapan karir yang matang mulai dari resume dan wawancara

Bagi kamu yang saat ini sedang menyiapkan diri untuk memasuki dunia berkarir dan mencari posisi magang di tempat-tempat hebat,...

03 Aug, 2021

Hari Pertama Internship

Apa saja ya yang harus aku lakukan di hari pertama internship?

Hari pertama internship tentu bukanlah hal yang mudah. Memasuki sebuah dunia baru dan akan menerima pembelajaran yang lebih aplikatif tentu akan membuat kita memiliki perasaan...

29 Jul, 2021

Internship Saat Pandemi

Mau magang tapi terkendala pandemi? Virtual Internship solusinya!

Pernahkah kamu berharap untuk internship di perusahaan internasional? Namun, pandemi menghentikan langkahmu untuk mencobanya. Apa yang kamu lakukan? Hanya menunggu dan tidak...

21 Jul, 2021

Internship Siapa Takut?

Internship Siapa Takut - Personal Branding melalui LinkedIn

Pada 17 Juli 2021 lalu, Bright Internships diundang untuk mengisi acara dengan tema Internship Siapa Takut oleh Bhinneka yang merupakan himpunan mahasiswa Indonesia...