A great resume is created to secure excellent interviews.
An excellent interview is prepared to land an exceptional internship offers.
An exceptional internship program is completed to lead to an extraordinary job offer.

For you who are in the stage of planning your career. When you start looking for an internship, management trainee or a full time position. Sometimes you confuse on what kind of future career you want. Or when it is your first time to write a resume. First time to be invited to a-job-interview. Then you are encouraged to discuss your career plan during this Career Preparation Service with a consultant.

Bright Internships conducts a one-on-one sessions with you, students or young graduate, for:

During Career Preparation Service, we assist you to access your talents, interests, skills, and identify potential careers that match the profiles. We will work together with you and share ideas about career world and offer advises on exploring career opportunity.

In general, recruiters spend on average 6 seconds looking at your resume, which means after around 6 seconds; they know exactly whether to pass your resume to the next stage of application process or just simply not considering it for the position.

How to be outstanding for the position when you are a fresh graduate with have less or even no experience?

With Bright Internships, we guide you to create your resume to kick-start the internship and job applications.

You personally will be assigned a Coordinator to help and prepare you with a mock interview. Commonly asked questions in an interview will be reviewed and practiced to give you confidence for the interview. We will also guide you what to do before, during and after the interview session