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Bright Internships is a specialist in providing safe and quality educational programs including internship and faculty-led study tours. We cooperate with multinational to small and medium sized businesses worldwide to host students and young professionals to get hands-on experience in real business world. We recruit top interns from universities all around the world with extensive skill and background in Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Design, Information Technology, Communication and many more.

We provide our services in Indonesia (Jakarta, Bali, Malang, Surabaya), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok), Mainland China (Shanghai), Hong Kong, Australia (Sydney, Melbourne), Spain (Valencia), and USA (Washington D.C., New York, San Francisco, San Diego, and Miami).

If you are you looking for hiring interns for your company or startup business in those destinations, Bright Internships is your solution and let’s work together to find the right talent for your company!

Why Host Interns

  1. Interns give new ideas and perspective
    Interns with different background and skill always bring fresh and new ideas to the company. They see from different lens and could provide outside-in opinions to assist your employees solving various business matters.
  2. Help you to screen the right candidates
    No business owner wants to hire the wrong person for a job. Not only because they will need to find a replacement candidate sooner than they'd like but also because making a bad hire drains energy and time and can cost a business in a number of ways.
    An internship is a great step to “test the water” before offering full time opportunity. While hiring interns, you will have the opportunity to assess their skills and fitness to your company. This will help you to minimize risk to hire a wrong person.
  3. Free advertising of your company
    Recruiting interns help to spread the word about your company especially your product or service offered. It’s a free advertising, as the intern will definitely share to their friends and family about the fantastic internship experience as well as great supervisor!
  4. Help with the projects in the pipeline
    Hiring interns can benefit the company to get additional support and help for your employees. Give the interns real and meaningful tasks that can help your company to be more productive and this learning experience will help the intern to boost their resume.
  5. Ease of use with technology
    Facebook, instagram, snapchat, applications, iPads, you name it! These new technology are very easy for student or young professional. It is always a great help from our fellow young generation to help dealing with your company’s social media.

Hiring Interns Process

Step 1: Fill in Company Project Form
Inform us about your company and your staffing needs

Step 2: Review Intern’s Profile
We send you the pre-screed intern’s resume and other required documents

Step 3: Skype/Call Interview
Chance to get to know more about your prospective intern

Step 4: Internship Offer Letter
Confirm offer for the most suitable candidate

Step 5: Prepare Invitation Letter
Visa application process

Step 6: First Internship Day
Prepare for welcoming the intern

Step 7: Training
Provide a safe and supportive business environment and training or supervision for the interns

Step 8: Evaluation
Ask feedback or evaluation form about the performance

Why Use Our Service

  1. Free service
    There is no service fee for hiring top interns from Bright Internships.
  2. Save your hiring time
    Let us do the pre-screen and we only send the resume fits your requirements.
  3. Hassle free
    We will take care all the logistics including visa, 24/7 support, accommodation, airport transfer, and welcome pack so your company does not need to worry about it.
  4. Training provided
    We provide orientation and career preparation training for our interns so that they can adapt with working culture easily.
  5. Insured
    Each client is equipped with extensive liability insurance for the whole internship duration.