2022 Bright Internships' Annual Scholarship Program:
International non-Hospitality Internship & Virtual Internship

As our commitment to helping students and young professionals to develop their careers and stand out from their peers,
we are now offering our "Annual Partial Scholarship Program" for:
1. International Non-Hospitality Internship
(South Korea, New Zealand, & United Kingdom).
2. Virtual Internship (all destinations)
(Europe – Asia – Australia – New Zealand)

1. Register before October 31st, 2022.
2. Follow @brightinternships social media on Instagram and/or Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.
3. Fill in our Application Form - Click "Apply Now" and choose 2022 Partial Scholarship (VI, NZ, SK, UK).
4. Upload your 1-page Resume and Motivation Letter on the next page - Share with us "Why you are the right person to be given the scholarship."
5. Create a short video or clip. You may choose from one of the following:
- Daily internship activities;
- Sharing your experience inspires others to always #SkillUpNow and get out of their comfort zone.

This program is ONLY for the first 20 students who applied from September 1st - October 31st, 2022.
Do not miss this fantastic opportunity!

We look forward to welcoming you soon to our program.
#SkillUpNow! with Bright Internships - Your First Step before Getting Hired.

Good luck!
Ps. Don't hesitate to ask further about the scholarships.


Meet 2019 Bright Internships Scholarships Recipients

Left: Yemima Priambodo (Thailand Internship Program Scholarship Recipient)

Yemima is from the English Letters Department of Universitas Ma Chung, Malang. She is doing her internship in a 5-star Hotel in Phuket, Thailand, for 6 months. 

Right: Apriyanti Tarwiyah (Bali Internship Program Scholarship Recipient)

Apriyanti is from Tour and Travel Business Management Department of STP Ampta Yogyakarta. She has been interning at one of the leading travel agents in Bali for 4 months.


Meet 2017 Bright Internships scholarship recipients

Dody Iswandi Maulidiawan (Thailand Internship Program Scholarship Recipient)

Dody (second from the right) with his colleagues in Bangkok

Photo: Dody (second from the right) with his colleagues in Bangkok

As a start-up enthusiast, Dody has built start-up business and gained knowledge in the business industry. He is currently enroling in the MBA program in Prasetiya Mulya, School of Business and Economics, in Jakarta, Indonesia. Dody won several business competitions, such as SCBFLC, held by Siam Commercial Bank, the social young entrepreneur competition held by SE Empower Korea in Jakarta, and business the case competition by Airlangga University Surabaya. He won as an outstanding student for the world, owned by Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta and Hong Kong.

His memorable moment during the Bangkok international internship program was meeting many amazing people and working on a start-up project-a platform. He also creates the future of work by aligning millennial talents with sustainable projects. He also attends Seedstars Bangkok (the world's biggest start-up competition in an emerging market). He also learned how to do pitching, answer judges' questions, interact with audiences, and network. He hopes one day to be able to create a successful start up, helping local Indonesian SMEs to be able to export their stuffs abroad.