Florensia W. Daryanto

“I spent few months interning overseas and I remember that
the experience was one of the best learning stories I’ve ever had.
I met and worked with lots of inspiring people, making lifetime friendship,
and it’s definitely an unforgettable experience.
In addition, the fact that those internship experiences has helped me excel my credential,
landed to a great job in my desired industry overseas,
relocating from one country to another,
and finally went home for building my own firm.
That was my aha moment and I’d like you to experience
what I’ve experienced and do build your own story

Florensia was born in Surabaya and has lived in 4 different countries such as Indonesia, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and New Zealand. She worked at a leading placement firm in Greater China before opening her own firm in Indonesia. Florensia is fluent in Bahasa, English, and Chinese. With all her experience and skills, she is definitely the right person to engage in the business.

What People around Florensia Said about Her? 

“Super-efficient and organized are the phrases that come to my mind when I think about Florensia. I was impressed by her ability to adapt to different environment and her language skills, especially her mandarin. In addition, she was really nice and willing to teach me about marketing research, analysis and event management. It was a great pleasure to work with her.”

“She is organized, passionate and a great leader. She is willing to teach us (interns), and able to provide clear directions and instructions to us (interns). It is my honor to have this valuable opportunity to work with her. She is a great role model who inspires me in various ways. She not only teaches me both the hard and soft knowledge during the internship, but also continues to help me after I finished my internship. She is a real leader who cares and is willing to help the others.”

“Florensia is a fast learner and enjoys challenges in which she strives to do better with every new assignment. She is very organized, gets along with her colleagues and manages her time very well. During our peak seasons she has always been able to prioritize and lead through the projects/cases within deadlines. Flo is a great communicator and takes the initiative to learn and work hard to develop to a higher position in the company. It's a pleasure to work with her.”