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Refi Aurelia, Akademi Sages - Phuket Internship, Culinary Art

Halo, namaku Refi. Aku ambil program magang trainee 6 bulan di Bright Internships. Aku magang di cold kitchen tepatnya di Hotel bintang 5 di Phuket. Orang-orangnya baik dan pengalaman yang aku dapat di kitchen juga bagus. 

Mikhael Clement Lim, Ottimmo International - Maldives Internship, Culinary Art

The Host Company and internship program are very nice and assertive. My most memorable moment was the customer experience and faster knifework that I gained. Bright Internships is very nice and helpful.

Ade Wiraldy - Universitas Ma Chung, Hospitality Industry

I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in my intership place. Not only working as Front Office Department in the whole period, they let me learn how to be F&B staff and learn the SOP of Kitchen Department and Housekeeping Department.

Danica, NationalHigh Jakarta School - Indonesia Virtual Internship, Marketing Industry

Although this internship was remote, I learned so much stuff from my mentors at the host company. It has helped me both through my school life and personal life. Also, I interacted with so many amazing people!

Jordan Julio Jap, University of New South Wales - Thailand Virtual Internship, Business & Technology Industry

Creating the website from scratch was fun. I learned how to design and build an interesting website from the company's feedback. I learned to use multiple resources on the web to create a functional website. I wish we could have had better communication from the start, but overall it was a great and fun experience.