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Salvia Levina Sutanto, Singapore Institute of Management & University of London - Thailand Virtual Internship, Biotechnology Industry

It was a very excellent time working with people in the host company. They are very welcoming and supportive. They helped me to gain my skill to become a better intern. Also, Bright Internships are helpful.

Overall, it was such a great experience to be a part of their team.

Wawan Irawan, University of Bangka Belitung - Indonesia Virtual Internships, Education Industry

Excellent Experiences!
I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the excellent host company.

Michelle Audrellia, Seges Institute - Dubai Internship, Culinary Art

It is an amazing experience to learn and work in a big company hotel and abroad which is improved your mental, disciplinary, ability, and push you to be the best version.
First experience doing internship in abroad, you have to be strong and never give up, you will become more stronger and this is the time when you will learn.

Anastasia Clarissa, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur - Indonesia Internship, Marketing

A wonderful journey for me, learning many things that I don’t know before about social media marketing.

I gained more knowledge about copywriting, planning, and advertising

David Irawan, Ma Chung University - Thailand Virtual Internship, Human Resource

Kegiatan magang ini cukup menarik karena merupakan hal baru bagi saya melakukan magang secara online/virtual.

Melalui magang ini saya juga menyadari bahwa kontak secara langsung antar manusia tidak akan bisa tergantikan.