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“Students Must Take Part in Internships before Graduating”

Internships have become a popular program among students and fresh graduates. It is said that internships can make it easier to apply for a job after graduating from college.

But, what exactly is an internships? How important internships for students?  And what are the benefits?

An internships is a program to learn and practice working directly with a company for some time. Companies that accept interns have the right to give assignments and are obliged to guide the program. At the end of the program, interns will receive an assessment from the company, especially from their direct supervisor.

An internships also has a purpose as a bridge between education and work. Internships also have various benefits that are very beneficial when starting to look for work after graduation, for example

1. Implementation of Knowledge to Work

In some study fields, the theoretical knowledge learned on campus is sometimes inadequate. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to implement this knowledge into actual and practical work activities. The internships program provides an optimal opportunity for this.

2. Internships Improve the Hard Skills

There are many skills and knowledge that you will learn during your internships. In addition to getting it from training sessions, you will also directly practice it. This method is clearly effective for developing abilities.

3. Learning Various Soft Skills

In addition to learning hard skills, as described above, you will also learn various soft skills directly and effectively during an internships. Communication, negotiation, and time management skills will be honed during internships.

4. Adaptation to the Professional World of Work

The rhythm of the world of work is very much different from the rhythm of college. Many fresh graduates are confused when adapting at the beginning of their work. The internship program provides an opportunity to adapt more comfortably and gradually.

5. Ease your career as a fresh graduate

After graduating from college, finding a job will be quite challenging due to the high competition and lack of experience. However, being a fresh graduate with internship experience written on your CV will give you an advantage. The possibility of being recruited will be even greater. The connections made during the internships can also help pave a good career path.

With the many benefits obtained during the internships, it can be concluded that internships are critical for students survival after graduation. Mandatory or not, an internship program is a very, very good opportunity. Both academically at this time and when looking for work as a fresh graduate later, internship experience is one aspect that can boost students' value.

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