Bright Internships 4th Anniversary

#4BrighterYou : Happy Birthday to Bright Internships!

September is a special month for Bright Internships because it is the month when Bright Internships was born!

(Cues a Happy Birthday song)

It is really nice to know that while we are doing our best to guide students and improving ourselves, we have turned 4!

We would like to thank our partners as well as clients who never fail to inspire us. We have received many positive responses and valuable feedbacks along this year which help us to grow. One year is, indeed, a short time but we are grateful and proud to say that we manage to fulfill several feedbacks we have collected:

4 New Destinations: Frequently Requested Destinations

Bright Internships 4th Anniversary: 4 Frequently Requested Internship Destinations

We have launched 4 new destinations for our regular program which are Seoul, Auckland, USA, and Yogyakarta.

Apart from many requests we received to open internship programs in the destinations mentioned, we also believe that the 4 destinations offer great opportunities and can be great places for you to learn.

4 New Hospitality Internship Destinations

Bright Internships 4th Anniversary : 4 New Hospitality Internship Destinations

If you still do not know about this, Bright Internships has a special program for Hospitality internships. The positions offered are varies from Front Office, Food and Beverages, Guest Service, Marketing, PR, Events, to Culinary Arts.

Previously, we only have Thailand but now we also have Vietnam, Maldives, France, and Malaysia. When we talk about internship in the Hospitality industry, the wise thing to do is to learn from the place directly. The 4 destinations mentioned are chosen because they are well-known for their tourism and hospitality industry.

Newsletter Launching

One of our wishes is to maintain contact and relationships with you. Connecting through social media is nice but we think that it is really important to keep you update with our program. Therefore, we decided to launch this newsletter which is sent every month.

If you have not subscribed to our newsletter yet, you can press home and scroll down to find this box:

4 More Goals to Achieve!

Yes, we manage to achieve several things above but we won’t stop growing! With this year theme, #4BrighterYou , we want to be brighter by achieving the followings:

  • Open New Destination: We want to let you know that you are free to let us know if there are destinations you think we should open next. We are thrilled to open more destinations in the future.
  • Launch new scholarship program: It is our wish to reach more students and help them to go for an internship abroad. As a sneak peek, our annual scholarship program for next year is still in the process so please wait for further announcement.
  • Collaborate with more companies as well as universities: We believe every person has different interest and needs so it is important to provide various internship opportunities from various companies.
  • Expand internal team: As we have bigger responsibilities, we decided that it is the right time for us to grow bigger as a team. With bigger team, we are ready to work harder to create better mission.

Cheers #4BrighterYou !