7 Tips for a Successful Interview

Congratulations!!! You have passed the CV / Resume selection, now it's time to be ready for the interview stage.

Indeed getting through to the interview stage is no easy feat. Not only you have to be able to "sell yourself" on your CV, but you also have to compete with many other job applicants. Therefore, the interview stage must be done with a full preparation.

It is totally normal to feel nervous, especially for those who have never done a job interview. However, do not let your nervousness influence your interview performance.

Here are some interview tips you can apply before the interview day to ensure a successful interview.

1. Corporate

Before going to an interview, you need to take the time to research about  the company by finding out through various sources, such as their websites, social media, press releases, or people you know who have worked or are working at the company.

2. Attitude

It's important to leave a good impression to the Human Resource team, and make yourself more valuable by upholding a positive attitude and politeness.

3. Appearance

Wearing the wrong attire can be fatal during an interview session. Therefore, it is crucial to learn about the company's culture in advance or pay attention to the dress code on the interview invitation letter.

4. Punctuality

Being on time is a manifestation of discipline and respect for others. Be sure to arrive 15 - 20 minutes before the appointment time.

5. Honesty

Always remember that in addition to the interview, you will also be going through a skills test related to the position you are applying for. Therefore, try to be honest and confident when talking about your skills.

6. Focus and Listen Carefully

Make sure to always listen and stay focused on  the interviewer. If a question is ambiguous, you can ask for clarification or try asking the interviewer again. Avoid articulating “mmm…” for too long if the interviewer asks you tough questions. Just try to repeat the question while thinking about the answer.

7. Closing

The last job interview tip is to close the session by saying thank you for the opportunity and  asking, "what are the next steps if I succeed in this interview?". This question shows that you have high interest and enthusiasm to join the company.

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