Architecture and Interior Design Internship: Job Description

Everyone needs infrastructures to live, work and play. Architects and interior designers are the ones responsible for designing those places. Does that sounds like a dream job for you? If yes then an international internship in architecture and interior design will help you to learn deeper about the industry. Especially with how buildings and structures differ from one culture to another. An international internship will give you a more profound understanding and experience about these designs. It is also an increasingly competitive industry where an internship is more of a requirement rather than a suggestion. If you are interested in an architecture and interior design internship, first you need to understand the many possible job description.


With the continuous need for new buildings and restoration for old ones, there is always a high demand for architects. An architect will work closely with clients to understand their needs. Then, they will create a drawing to visualize the idea. An architect will also be involved in the construction process. This is to ensure that it is done according to the plan. An architect can work in private companies, non-profit organizations and even government that are focusing on the infrastructures. They can also specialize in several areas:

  • Commercial building – Most architectural project will be in designing buildings for commercial uses, like homes, offices, shopping malls, and many others.
  • Green design – With the increasing awareness for sustainable building, a specialization in green design is increasing in demand. A sustainable building is an environmentally friendly building, with efficient use of resources and reduced pollution.
  • Historical preservation – Architect is not only dealing with the construction of new buildings, but also preserving historical structures.
  • Landscape design – Like the name suggest, the architect deal with open spaces instead of buildings.

Possible job description for an architecture and interior design internship in this field might look like this:

  • Attend meetings with clients to discuss the needs and budget for the project
  • Help with the drawing of the design by hand and by using Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
  • Research the codes and regulations for the construction
  • Develop the specifications for the buildings, detailing the requirements and scheduling
  • Deal with the building contractors and manage the contracts
  • Visit work sites to make sure that the construction meets the schedule and design

Interior Design

Interior designer designs the space inside a building so that it can be used efficiently and is aesthetically pleasing. The most important part of the design is that it meets all the requests and needs of the client while keeping it in line with safety regulations. Therefore, a detailed discussion with the clients is vital.

After that, the next step is to create a plan and sample designs. With that done, the building and the design application process can truly begin. An interior designer role in this time period is mainly to make sure all of it is finalized by the deadline and within the range of the allotted budget.   

There are several areas that an interior designer can specialize in:

  • Production Designer – Working mainly on designing movie sets or theatre stages. A lucrative career, considering the seemingly never ending growth of the movie industry.
  • Furniture Designer – Creating furniture, either just the design or also in the constructing process until it is finished. Project can range to practical everyday items to absurd pieces of art.
  • Space Planner – Using a space efficiently is important for any building. Working mostly on designing offices, your job would be to decide how to use the existing space by determining the best sizes and places for cubicles, equipment, supporting facilities, decoration, etc.                                                                                

Possible job description for an architecture and interior design internship in this field might look like this:

  • Meeting the client and assessing their preferences and needs
  • Devise a plan and rough drafts of the design, with the help of interior design software, until approved by clients
  • Arrange for materials supplies
  • Supervise the team doing the hands-on works

Construction is a field that will keep growing as long as societies keep advancing. As a result, there will always be demand for the best people who specialized in architecture and interior design. Internship in these two fields will be a great stepping stone to become a full-fledged designer yourself. If you are interested in an architecture and interior design internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!