Awkward Silence in Interview

How to Face An Awkward Silence in Interview

Can you imagine when you want to impress your interviewer during your job interview and you are facing an awkward silence which seems like an eternity? Whats should you do? Is it a test? Should you keep talking? Or just wait? Or maybe you hug him/her? This is some tips for you to face that moment. 

1. Stay Calm 

One important rule to overcome the awkward silence is by staying calm, then smile, and stay still. Remember! The silence is part of the conversation that helps you to process your thoughts. Calm and think the best word you should say. 

2. Think Positively

You need to be able to have a full control of your mind and pay attention to your body language. Think positively, stay confident, and keep the eye contact. Stop fidgeting! Do not feel guilty, get nervous or suddenly be a chatter. 

3. Identify 

Identify the cause of the awkward silence. Is the interviewer taking note? Still reviewing your application? Waiting for you to start the conversation? Or confuse of what you just said. This is important before you taking any actions

4. Ask

Who said that interviewer is the only one who can ask. You also can ask if the interviewer look confuse with your answer or application. Some question you can ask, for example "Do you have any questions regarding my application?" or "Do you need further explanation?"

5. Count 

Use the silence to think of imporatnt points that you want the interviewer know before you finish the interview and question you want to ask to interviewer. Then count to five and share your thoughts. 

If you apply this all tips, you will not have any awkward silence anymore. Contact us in our social media to practice more.