Beautiful Waterfall Around Batu – Malang

Beautiful Waterfall Around Batu – Malang (Part 1)

Beautiful Waterfall Around Batu That You Won't Miss While in Malang

Having internship in Malang City can be the best decision you ever made. Near from Malang, there’s a small city called Batu. It’s only 1 hour away with driving or riding. Though it’s a small city, it has a lot of beautiful scenery and places to visit. You can visit some mountains, waterfalls, beaches and the other recreational places. Here, find out some beautiful waterfall around Batu, Malang that is worth-to-visit.

Coban Rondo

Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Rondo

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Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Rondo Labyrinth

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Coban mean waterfall, and rondo mean widow. As the legend say, this waterfall is a hiding place of a beautiful woman. Long story short, she waited for her husband but he never come. It’s because he dead in a battle against the one who want to take his wife away. This waterfall is located 12 km away from the center of the city. You need to pay for the entrance ticket for about IDR 35.000. There you can enjoy the beautiful waterfall, play paint ball, flying fox, sepeda tandem, get lost and found in labyrinth, also open a tent in the camping ground. During your stay in the waterfall area, beware of the monkey, take care of your belongings because they can be so naughty sometimes.

Coban Rais

Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Rais

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Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Rais Photo Spot

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Before you get to the waterfall, you will enjoy a beautiful flower garden. Most of the tourists like to take some selfie in this garden. There are a lot of selfie points, so you don’t need to worry to wait too long. To reach the beautiful waterfall you can take a walk for about 1,5 hours into the deep forest. Trust me, the journey is worth to take and the beauty of the waterfall is irresistible. You need to pay for the entrance ticket to enjoy this site, and the price is IDR 25.000. Please note that this price is excluded for some photo spots.

Coban Talun

Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Talun

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Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Talun Photo Spot

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The entrance ticket price to this site is IDR 10.000. Beside the beautiful waterfall itself, Coban Talun also have a beautiful park for visitors who want to take selfie. Some of the spots are apache camp, pagupon camp, hutan pinus, flower garden, oyot and many more. Since those spots are excluded in the entrance ticket fee, please take note that if you want to take some photo you need to pay more. Don’t worry, the price is reasonable and quite cheap.

Batu is a good place to refresh your mind, relaxing, having short escape and enjoying nature. If you're ready to start your journey to Batu – Malang, make sure to contact our professional. We will be glad to assist you!