Business Consulting Internships: Job Description

Running a business is not an easy task, especially with how fast the market and technology are changing. There are times when consulting professionals and specialists of the field from outside the company become necessary. Business counselors offer their service for these kinds of situations. They are the expert in their chosen fields, which can be healthcare, human resource, manufacturing, IT, and many others. Because a business counselor has to have an intimate knowledge of their specialized area, getting a Master or Doctoral degree is useful and can help convince clients that they have the necessary skill to assist their company. To all of you who are going to take a business consulting internship, have a look at some of the possible job descriptions.


There are many aspects to consider for running an effective manufacturing process, especially with how global the process has become in recent years. Manufacturing is one of the biggest industries in the world, which brings both many challenges and great rewards. The market is full of competitors that are striving to come on top. To be able to assist a client, a consultant must have deep understanding of the areas involved in the manufacturing process, such as supply chain, product development, material acquisition, network building, and many others. Possible job description for a business consulting internship in this field might look like this:

  • Test and troubleshoot systems to find any flaws
  • Develop blueprint for manufacturing process
  • Configure resource and materials storage and usage
  • Build a long lasting relationship with clients by delivering a good customer care


An industry with direct involvement in the betterment of human life is naturally filled with continuous advancement and innovations. At the same time, a healthcare company is still a business that needs to make a profit. A consultant has to be knowledgeable in health plans, benefits system, claiming procedure, and in other related areas of healthcare. They give advice that makes it possible for their client to reduce cost with an efficient healthcare economy management. Possible job description for a business consulting internship in this field might look like this:

  • Interview clients to understand their needs and aims
  • Teach and give demonstration to the employee
  • Introduce new products and technologies
  • Inform clients of current market trends and challenges in the industry


The goal of every business is to sell their products or services to as many customers as possible. Therefore, having a marketing department that runs smoothly is essential to make profits for the company. A marketing consultant is responsible for designing the company’s marketing strategy, which involves preparing advertising campaign and coordinating promotional events. Educating the client about the use of technology, such as social media, to further spread their company’s name is also part of the consultant’s duty. Possible job description for a business consulting internship in this field might look like this:

  • Collect and analyze data to build a profit-making marketing strategy
  • Submit marketing reports based on sales data
  • Coordinate promotional effort
  • Initiate advertising plan with the use of both online and conventional media

Human Resource

Employees are the foundation of a company. Utilizing them in the best way possible, that is both beneficial for the company and the employees themselves, is vital for a company to gain success in their field. A human resource consultant offer their service in anything related to the issues regarding the workforce in a company. A consultant can be called to design human resource strategy or even just to mediate a conflict between the labor force and the management. Possible job description for a business consulting internship in this field might look like this:

  • Train employee in related skills
  • Offer advice for current HR regulations and policies
  • Work with management to create solutions for HR problems
  • Make sure that the employees are treated and regulated in accordance with current laws

Being a business consultant means that you have to stay ahead in the field to gain the trust of your clients and any potential company, which means keeping up with the time is an important part of your daily job. An internship before becoming a full-fledged consultant will give you the experience and knowledge of the business that are essential for your future endeavor. If you are interested in a business consulting internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!