Career preparation webinar

Career Preparation Webinar

Bright Internships and YOT Surabaya held a career preparation webinar about softskill.

On 27th March, 2021 was held career preparation webinar collaboration between Bright Internships and YOT Surabaya. Thanks to Ms. Fety from YOT Surabaya as the moderator in this webinar, also thanks to Mr. Ariady (Director of Strategic Partnership, Bright Internships) as the speaker in this webinar.

YOT Surabaya is an organization consists of young people from Surabaya, they gather together to hold events to icrease the motivation of young people especially in Surabaya about work life and its preparation.

Webinar collaboration with the theme "Career Preparation: How to Develop Your Softskill?" was attended by more than 200 participants in Zoom and approximately 100 views on Youtube live.

Career Preparation Webinar

There are two sessions in this webinar, first Mr. Ariady gave us the presentation about career preparation especially softskill. what is softskill, why softskill needed before getting hired and how to develop your softskill.This webinar was attended by active participants, because in the session two there was a QnA session. For this session, participants sent their questions through Slido, Slido is a website to help participants who watched on Youtube live to asked their questions to Mr. Ariady. Many participants asked questions about softskill and Mr. Ariady answered those questions clearly. This webinar gave the participants broader knowledge about softskill and how to develop it.

If you miss the opportunity to join our webinar collaboration about career preparation, don't worry Bright Internships has another webinar about career preparation and also there are many webinar collaboration ahead.

If you have any questions about career preparation webinar or our internship program, don't hesitate to contact us. Stay updated on our social media for any further information.

We will hold webinar Intern Series on 10th April, 2021. We will share stories and experiences from one of our alumni who interned in the Maldives as culinary art intern. If you interested, register here.