Chinese Delicious Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is important for us. It can gives us stamina we need to work for the whole day. If you are get used to have a breakfast, that’s a good habit. In the other hand, if you dislike to have a breakfast, try to eat in small portion. When you have a trip or internship program in China. Try this Chinese local foods as your breakfast menu. I can guarantee that you will love them all.

4 China's Signature Breakfast Menu

1. Chinese Pancake (煎饼Jiānbing)

Chinese Breakfast Menu: Chinese Pancake/Jianping

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It looks like martabak in Indonesia and crepes in France. It stuffed with egg, vegetables, and seasoning sauce. You can customize your own jianbing with adding sausage, fritter, chicken meat, extra egg and chili sauce. Just tell the seller what you want inside your jianbing and they will make your delicious jianbing. The price of jianbing in China is different from a place with another. But it starts with CNY 5 and your tummy will be happy and satisfied.


2. Steamed Stuffed Bun (包子Bāozi ) and Steamed Plain Bun (馒头Mántou)

Chinese Breakfast Menu: Steamed Stuffed Bun/Baozi

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Chinese Breakfast Menu: Plain Bun/Mantou

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This one is also the fastest and easy-to-take-and-go breakfast menu. Baozi is a steam stuffed bun while mantou is a baozi without filling (plain bun). Baozi can be stuffed with pork meat, chicken meat, vegetables, red bean, green bean and many more. The price is quite cheap but different for every kind of bun. Surprisingly it start from CNY 1 for mantou and about CNY 3  for baozi. Chinese people like to eat it while walking to the office. It is efficient and save more time.


Fritters (油条Yóutiáo)

Chinese Breakfast Menu; Fritters/Youtiao

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If the idea of eat jianbing and bun isn’t good for you, try to eat fritter. It will not make your tummy so full, but will not make you hungry. It’s a fried breakfast menu and looks like churro. You can eat youtiao in jianbing, or with porridge, or simply eat it itself. The cost is also quite cheap, starts from CNY 1,5.


4. Soy Milk (豆浆Dòujiāng)

Chinese Breakfast Menu: Soy Milk/Doujiang

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Doujiang or soy milk is a perfect match for your breakfast menu. Whatever your choice is, whether it’s a jianbing or baozi or mantou or youtiao. This drink will completely satisfy your breakfast and make you ready to work. But make sure you buy the fresh made one and not the instant packaged one, because the taste will be different.


Remember, having a breakfast can help you be more productive, so don’t miss it. If you want to try those breakfast menu, let’s visit China. Fortunately, Bright Internships have Shanghai Internship Program and Hong Kong Internship Program. Drop us a message and we can make your dream to taste China’s signature breakfast menu come true.