Coronavirus: Maldives on Lockdown

Maldives: What Happened?

According to New York Times and TTG, previously on 7th of March in Maldives there were 2 islands on lockdown after two of their employees got the coronavirus from Italian tourists who recently had visited Maldives and went back to Italy and tested positive for the disease. "These two cases which tested positive are from a resort. They are employees of the resort and are now quarantined," said Ali Waheed, the tourism minister of the island nation. On the 11th of March, it is confirmed that now there are 4 islands that are on lockdown, they are Kuredu, Vilamendhoo, Bathala and Kuramathi island resorts. “Transfers to and from the islands have been suspended,” said Kuoni spokesperson. “All guests due to arrive over the coming days and weeks are being contacted and offered alternative resorts. We’re contacting imminent arrivals first.”. This situation will be monitored closely and there will be no flights or any transportation in and out of Maldives after this lockdown.


Bright Interns, always remember the steps to prevent yourself from the disease such as washing your hands, cook your food until its right temperature, wear masks if needed, stay at least 2 meters away from people around you who you suspect to have the virus. Aside from that, gain information from trusted sources and avoid hoaxes. And always be kind and support others who had already contacted with the virus or are avoiding the virus. Show support to one another and let’s work together to keep us and our surrounding healthy and safe.

So, after this lockdown, what will happen to our Bright Interns at Maldives? We will do the best to ensure that our Bright Interns can receive all the support they should get. Regarding this issue, Bright Internships team will always be available 24/7 if any of Bright Interns need any help and support. For more information about the issue, you can contact us here.