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Culture and Tradition You Must Know Before Living in Vietnam

Before living in Vietnam it will be great to learn and understand about culture and tradition there. It will help you to prepare and ensure that you will get a great experience there.
These are some Vietnam culture and tradition you have to be aware of:

1. Values

The Vietnamese people value humility, restraint,modesty, and respect especially for the elderly. Vietnamese also always avoid showing off wealth.
Do keep updated with the etiquette for specific activities such as greeting locals, giving gifts, dining, et cetera to be more aware of what the culture values.
Therefore, you can avoid doing things that are opposite to those values.

2. Religion

Vietnam has three major religions: Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The people also worship ancestors. There are also a few Hinduism and Catholicism. However, all religions are equal.
Since some famous attractions are religious sites, it is crucial to be familiar with the etiquette for visiting such as ensuring that you wear a shirt with sleeves and shorts that should come at least to the knee.

3. Traditional Dress

Dress is a part of culture and is one of the most favorite topics when culture is being discussed. Dao Dai is the traditional dress of Vietnam and the style has changed throughout history under the rule of many dynasties. Once worn by both men and women, the Dao Dai now remains mostly a woman’s apparel.
In addition, one other thing that you have to know is that modest dress is considered the norm there.
The good advice when you are there, try to wear clothes that cover your shoulders and shorts to the knees to provide an appropriate amount of coverage.

4. Cuisine

One of the characteristics of Vietnamese food is fresh and healthy.
The most popular food in Vietnam is noodles and spring rolls. The food is cooked with less oil and fresh vegetables. The popular ingredients are soy sauce, fish sauce, mint, and basil. And of course, rice is the main food and is eaten in 3 meals a day.
Moreover, there is some eating and drinking etiquette in Vietnam: the oldest eat first, clean plate, not picking teeth, and chopsticks are the most commonly-used eating.

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