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Emergency Situation! What To Do?

An internship abroad is a wonderful experience. But, there might be circumstances that are beyond our control caused by force majeure. If you find yourself stuck in the middle of an emergency situation, don’t worry! Stay calm and don’t panic. These are things to do when an emergency situation happens while interning.


Pay Attention to The News All The Time

Emergency Situation! What To Do?

When an emergency situation happens, always pay attention and follow the news all the time. News in every media is important. Through news, you can monitor conditions in the country. If the condition starts getting worse, you can make a plan and prepare as soon as possible if you need to rescue yourself.


Reduce The Intensity of Going Out

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In an emergency situation, minimize the intensity of going out of your house. Also, avoid going out late so you are safer and protected from riot or disaster. Still, stay away from densely populated areas. This to prevent becoming one of the targets for irresponsible parties. If there are no urgency needs, better to not going out and even if it's already too late, spend a night at your friend's house. 


Keep in Contact with Your Family and The Ambassador of Your Country

Emergency Situation! What to Do?

If it's possible, keep in contact with your family. When an emergency situation happens, tell your condition and what happens there. If you're having a hard time to reach help, then your family can help through your homeland. Don't forget to save the ambassador of your country's contact so you can be rescued if condition in an emergency and you can be sent home. 


For some countries, you may need to be prepared for the worst. A country such as Japan which are prone to earthquakes and tsunamis, as an example, have procedures to anticipate disasters. Also, some jobs prepare each worker to be able to face an emergency situation. Bright Internships can help you to know more about the work and country you want to know about. Contact us if you need information.