Singapore Ethnic

Experience Singapore's Ethnic Diversity

Singapore is truly a unique city. The city-state offers a quality of life unmatched in South-East Asia, and often ranks top at charts about infrastructures and development worldwide. Unlike most cities in the region, Singapore is pretty expensive, green, very clean and is international. If you travel in South-East Asia, you should definitely spend a few days there. If you have planned that already, here are interesting places to visit for short-stays.

Ethnic Districts

Singapore can be described as a condensed version of all Asia with its multicultural population. Indeed, the native Malay population only represents 13% of the population, while ethnic Chinese represents 70% and Indians, 9% of the population. The rest of the population is made of foreigners from Asia and the rest of the world.

This ethnic diversity offers various opportunities for sight-seeing in the city. We have picked 3 areas you must visit in Singapore.

Little India 

As the name suggest, this district is home to the Indian community of the city. You will find there some beautiful traditional buildings with a colourful architecture. But the highlight of the district in my opinion is the food. This district offers a lot of delicious Indian food options, and for a cheap price most of the time. Hawker culture is strong in Singapore, and the best hawker centre in Little India is definitely Tekka Center.


Probably one of the best place to stay in the city, as it is located in the heart of Singapore. Besides different traditional landmarks that deserves to be visited (such as the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, the Sri Mariamman Temple and the Masjid Jamae), the district has a lovely street market where you can try foods and shop for souvenirs. Chinatown has many hawker centres and a vibrant nightlife.

Kampung Glam

Kampung Glam is the Malay-Muslim district, even though you will encounter Arabs and other ethnic groups from the Muslim world.
This district offers the most beautiful view on the Masjid Sultan with its golden dome. This area is home to different street markets, with many food options from Middle-East and other parts of the world.

Singapore has much more to offer of course, green spaces are numerous and offer a good shelter from the city’s humid heat (Garden by the Bay & the Botanic Garden are our favourite). And if you are not in a hurry, don’t rush out of the airport on your arrival, you can hang out inside and visit the marvellous and world highest indoor waterfall: The Rain Vortex. If you are considering an internship abraod, you might wan to check out our Singapore Internship Program, as the city offers many opportunities.