fasting tips

Fasting Tips while Work From Home

Fasting Tips

Fasting is identical with feeling faint, stomach sore. Its hungry and less excited because it withholds hunger and thirst. But we still have to do the activity as usual when fasting instead of being a constant because the thinking saves energy will make us not hungry and thirsty again. There are the fasting tips:


Fulfill your body nutrition

Suhoor is one of the important things for the body to gain energy. Sahoor together with family is another good things to make you in a good mood.  Dont forget to eat and drink enough water so you can concentrate while working later. And start the day by being happy and the rest of your family will influenced by your happiness.fasting tips

Start with the motivational word

After the Suhoor you may go back to sleep again or maybe not, to get a positive aura give yourself a sentence of spirit for yourself when waking up in the morning or before starting work. The common things for fasting tips is sleep, if possible, lie in bed for 15-30 minutes during lunch so you can continue your work later


Take a break

Feeling tired and have difficulty to focus? Find a quick refresher by playing games, doing hobbies like watering plants in the garden to refresh your mind and wait for time to evening prayer.

fasting tips

Take a shower 

Bathing is a must do so that you feel refreshed and ready to start work. Don't forget to dress up  suffiently by use your favorite perfume use face powder, a little blush on and Whala you are ready.

Get busy with yourself

When you're hungry or thirsty, put your mind to work on an unfinished project. So you can distract your mind with other things.

We have our way to do the fast. While working from home, you can also make your own fasting tips and do other productive things such as learn other skill for yourself #SkillUpNow.