handle overload news

Handle The Overload News

News Anxiety Loop

The situation requires us to be at home only, therefore we have more time to rest. If you're from international relations major, you'll be required to stay up to date with the latest news around the world. You will feel want to know the most updated news, and this will make you tired. The feeling you have is called the news anxiety loop. Then, how can we handle these overload news?


Control yourself

Make a designated time e.g., 10 minutes a day or once a week to read news and don't take more or it will make you feel anxiety and wanting to update more. The same thing will happen to addiction to social media, control yourself with your handphone. Take a break before you go to bed so you will have a good sleep time. The key of controlling your feeling is from yourself. So, start to handle overload news by commit with the news-time schedule.

 handle overload news

Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

Relax your body

This can be another influence. Your eyes and brain feel tired when looking at the phone or pc screen for too long.  The solution is by taking a break, doing the eye exercise, looking at the green things e.g., your garden. Do this consistently, always take a break if you already feel tired. Your health should be a number one priority.

Speak to your friends or professional

It's important to talk about what you feel to your loved ones. They can help you to find the solutions to handle overload news that you feel.
The worlds always evolves, but don't forget to always maintain your health. Planning things for future can be tiring, especially internships. By having us, you can contact us to get a rescue. You can connect with us through our social media to stay updating news about your targeted internship destination.