handle rejection

Handle Rejection

Have you ever tried a job as sales? Sales work closely related to door to door marketing, marketing by phone, or marketing through social media. But people often do not accept the offer well. So, how to handle rejection well?

Ask for support from your positive friends

The key to everything is from your mind. It's better to have many positive friends around so that your life can be more positive. You can try to handle rejection by think positive, for example "It's okay, maybe they busy that's why they don't listen to me."


Talk to your friend when you feel it's too heavy

If you think your job is too heavy, don't hesitate to tell your friends about your problem. Sharing your problem can soothe your heart. But don't expect excessive to a friend. Your friends can not help you find a solution to your problem

handle rejection

Transmit your feelings to anything else 

If you feel too upset about being rejected continuously, you can try to funnel your anger into a better thing. For example you can try to do the exercise: burn fat and support the appearance to look more gorgeous.

Don't get angry so easily.

It's better if you can handle your anger. When you work, and you can't resist the anger, just go take a break and ask for permission from the manager. That will be better for other people and your mental health.


Motivate yourself

Convince yourself that sales is good job as same as other job like doctors, teachers, etc. Remember this You not only get a salary for successfully selling goods / services, but customers can also feel satisfied because they already bought your item or use your services. Customers can also feel more confident (because using your product, e.g. expensive items such as wrist watch), and other benefits due to the use of products/services that you offer.
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