How to Beat Homesick

How to Beat Homesick

Beat Your Homesick Problem or It Will Beat You

Going abroad for traveling can be the most amazing feeling. How about living abroad for a long time? Well, not all of us will think it’s an amazing feeling too. Homesick? It's a part of the journey.  In fact, being far from home for a long time can suck sometimes. Don’t worry, here are some advice that can help you to beat homesick. Give it a try and let’s see, will it work?


Bring your favorite things

How to Beat Homesick: Bring Your Favorite Things

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It’s okay to be far from home for a while, but it will be hard if you have to stay longer. Bringing the thing you like the most from home is the easiest way to reduce the homesick. You can bring your toys, doll, blanket, books and any other thing. Make sure that you’re not going home without them.


Make new friends and connections

How to Beat Homesick: Make New Friends and Connections

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Be apart from your friends for a long time can be the hardest thing for some people. It’s normal to think that they will change when you come back home. Just like what Henry D. Thoreau said, “nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance, they make the latitudes and longitudes”. I know that it will not easy to get along with new friends, but we have to upscale our inner circle. They can help you to overcome your problems and give you solutions and advice while staying abroad.


Set up new routines and adopt your habits to the local culture

How to Beat Homesick: Set Up New Routines

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When you are in a new place, the situation will be so different, but doesn’t mean that your new place doesn’t have all the fun you had before. Sometimes it can be in a different style or in another form. In the other hand, you have to immerse yourself in the local culture. For example, if you are getting used to eating rice as your breakfast. If this kind of breakfast menu isn’t available in your new country, try to eat what locals eat. Next, if everyone is walking down the street instead of taking a bus, try it! Your new habit can’t be done in your home country, enjoy while it lasts.


Remember what makes you come this far

How to Beat Homesick: Remind Yourself

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Stay focus on your purposes and surround yourself with a positive mind. When you want to giving up, simply think back about your goals. Ask yourself, is this what you came here for? For giving up? Absolutely no. Rebuild your spirit to finish what you started.


Make a regular phone and/or video call with your family and friends

How to Beat Homesick: Make A Regular Phone Call or Video Call

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Last but not least. Family means no one left behind. The easiest way to help you connect and keep in touch with your dearests is by making a phone call or video call. Simply hear their voice or see them smiles for a while can help you to cure your homesick. You can call them every day or once a week, based on your needs.


So what do you think about homesick? Can you beat it? If you already join our internship abroad program, don’t worry. Bright Internships professional team will help you to solve your home sick problems. As we are your second family abroad, don’t hesitate to contact us. Drop us a message and we will help you to make your internship runs well.