How to Build a Professional LinkedIn Account

LinkedIn is our digital interactive resume

Have we ever realized how important it is for us to build a professional LinkedIn account? As I was in high school, I didn’t know the importance of it. I was just trying to look cool and made one without actually putting a real effort, and when I got to university and start to learn more about how employers will check our social media account and LinkedIn account, I start to realize and question myself, how am I going to get hired if my profile picture is the young me with weird poses and friends beside me? How am I going to get hired while I don’t even list my skills and use a short description about myself there? That’s when I realize I need to start working on it because LinkedIn profile is the foundation of your personal branding, if you have one and its empty, that means employers will think what they want to think about you, which is not good. We also need to frequently update our LinkedIn profile if we have anything new to add according to our latest experiences. But what is suitable for people to see in our profile?

Here are some:

Choose the right profile picture


You may feel like you want to look pretty with cute angles and amazing outfit and accessories, but that won’t be necessary. What you need is a professional picture because your picture is your calling card. So, use a picture where everyone can see your face clearly. Face the camera, make sure it is close enough (don’t do a full body photoshoot) and use your daily work outfit, and don’t forget to smile!

Make sure you have your summary

Having a summary makes people know a little bit about you. Make it simple but informative. Summary is a personal marketing content for you. Tell your story on it, but don’t get too excited and write 1000 words essay, just do a quick, catchy, and short summary that will attract people to look more into your LinkedIn profile.

Grow your network


The easiest part of growing your network is when you synchronize your LinkedIn with your e-mail address. It will automatically access people in your contacts, and you can find your friend’s LinkedIn too from there.

List your relevant skills

Let people know what you can do. Think of your summary as a trailer of you and the full movie is available when you scroll down. That is why you need to make your summary as attractive as possible and make your skill list as detail as possible.

List out your services

Make sure you know what you want to do and list out the kind of jobs that you are willing to take and have taken. So, people would know what type of work you are doing.

And that is how you make your LinkedIn profile more interesting for employers to read. Have you ever had a LinkedIn? Or have you made one, but you don’t seem to care much about it? Well, it is never to late make one and fix one. While we’re at it, follow our LinkedIn page by clicking through this link!