How To Build A Start Up

How to Build A Start Up 

Have you ever dreamed of having your own startup company? Then what steps do you take after you dream? Let it be just a dream? Follow the tips below before you start a startup.

1. Have a vision

This is the essence of a company. You as the owner or mover of the company must have vision, enthusiasm, creativity and enthusiasm so that you can channel it to your colleagues.

2. Network

At this time, the network is not something that is difficult for you to find. Take a lot of training, then you will meet many people and of course those who are in the same vision as you.

3. Reverse Brainstorming

It's not enough to just search once but have to do it many times. Analyze the problems or shortcomings you face. Find a suitable solution for the problem. Generate and accomplish it.


Tony Hsieh said "Chase the vision not the money. The money will end up following you." Having a clear vision is not just an advantage because people will see how much you do and your impact on society which will later invite curiosity.

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