How to Stay Focus

It is hard to stay focus at home

Staying focus in this pandemic time has become quite hard because of the monotonic environment. We sometimes zone out when we are doing some work or homework tasks at home. Why? Because there are tons of distraction that can happen, starting from the sound of notifications from your phone, looking out the window, online shopping, Instagram, to maybe just looking at the ceiling. Telling yourself to focus is an easy thing but doing so can be quite hard. Here are some ways we can all build our focus during this staying at home period:


  • Get rid of distractions: First you need to eliminate distractions that is possible to eliminate. For example, move to a quiet area, silence your phone, close the door where you are working, and close out apps on your laptop that are not necessary. And for those of you who uses android, there are a new feature on the brand-new OS, which is a focus mode. When you turn it on, no notifications will come in until you turn it back off.
  • Get enough sleep: Before doing any work the next day, get enough sleep. Being hazy all day isn’t really the best idea and condition to do anything.
  • Be more mindful: Your thoughts can wander around sometimes and that is normal, we experienced it too. Being mindful means that you need to be aware of what you are doing, from moment to moment. By being mindful and recognizing that your brain is starting to wander to dreamland, you can quickly bring your focus back to what you are working in.
  • Make to-do list: By making a list of what you should get done for the day is like having tiny goals to achieve. It can be a lot sometimes, but having goals written down can actually boost up your productivity.
  • Focus on one task at a time and do similar ones first: Multitasking can fry your brain sometimes so it is important to do things one by one and group it based on the similar ones so you can actually finish it faster because you don’t need to quickly change what you think.

What do you think? Have you tried these tips, or do you think these tips will actually help you focus? Please tell us though our Instagram or tweet us! Stay focus and stay healthy, Brighterns!