internet safety tips

Internet Safety Tips

Recently, there has been a case of leaked consumer personal data to darkweb by one of the e-commerce in Indonesia. This is really dangerous, how about your account? do you think its safe enough? Let's check if you have secured your social media account with internet safety tips below:

Distinguish email and mobile number 

For sosmed and e-commerce/ m.banking. Why? If you use the same email for all accounts, then one of the sosmed or e commerce was successfully compromised, all the data recorded (phone number and email). Have 2 mobile numbers to avoid similar things that could happen. If your mobile number is leaked, the scary things is maybe there could be a person who track or pranks you.

Don't click random links from stranger.

These random links are called scams that are fraudulent links that can make you lose your account because the data is stolen or other harmful things. 

internet safety tips

Photo by Ludovic Toinel on Unsplash

Regulary check the security of your account

You can check in the Security Settings section of your account. Look at the login activity, login location, etc from your social media. When it feels suspicious and you do not recognize it, immediately change the password and choose option to log out from all devices. Check if your email has been leaked with the website: firefox monitor, avast security and have i been pwned. Ff your email is not secure, you should immediately replace the current email, mobile number, password or delete the account and make a new one.


Use a different and difficult password for each account

The must to do internet safety tips is using a different password. If one of your social media is recorded, and if you use the same password, it can be guessed what it would be like. Hackers will try to use the password to other social media and you will lose control of your account. Hackers can use your account as if you were uploading a pornographic photo that could ruin your good name.

internet safety tips

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Update your gadgets system and applications regularly

The next internet safety tips is get the latest updates of your phone/application security systems that can safeguard your valuable data and personal accounts. Addition, do not give SMS login code (OTP), turn on account notifications, and be careful with free WiFi and free VPN. The more sophisticated the technology, the more clever humans will look for loopholes to commit crime. let's use sosmed wisely.