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Internship 101 Webinar with Campus Pedia

Internship 101: How to Get Internship with no Experience?

Bright Internships collaborated with Campus Pedia to organized a webinar with the theme Internship 101 "How to Get Internship with no Experience?" on April 15th, 2021. This is our first collaboration with Campus Pedia.

Thanks to Ms. Ravita from Campus Pedia as the moderator in this webinar. Also, thanks to Ms. Florensia (CEO of Bright Internships) as the speaker in this webinar. Ms. Ravita helped us during the webinar so that the webinar went smoothly.

There were two sessions in yesterday's webinar. In the first session, Ms. Florensia gave the participants a presentation about internship. She explained many things, what to prepare before the internship, what should and should'nt be done during the internship, as well as what preparation is required the day before the internship.

The second session was QnA. In this session, many participants asked about internship, some of the asked for advise from Ms. Florensia. Ms. Florensia answered those questions clearly and direct to the point so that participants can understand and have broader knowledge about internship.

Many of the participants were students. Some of the were fresh graduated from university. All the participants were enthusiastic with the webinar. There were many interactions between the speaker and all the participants.

Enclosed below is the picture when Ms. Florensia interact with one of the participants.

internship 101

Do you miss the opportunity to join this online class? Don't worry, Bright Internships will hold another webinar about internship and career training.

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