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IISMA Prep Training: Interview Stage - 1 March 2024
20 Mar, 2024

Mastering Interview to Become an IISMA Awardee

Surabaya, March 1, 2024 - Bright Internships hosted a highly successful IISMA Preparation Training: Interview Stage on March 1, 2024, dedicated to enhancing students' skills in mastering the interview stage. The event, held virtually, brought together aspiring students from diverse backgrounds to gain valuable insights and strategies for navigating the competitive IISMA selection process.


The IISMA Prep Training event featured an array of engaging sessions led by Ms. Florensia Daryanto, the CEO of Bright Internships. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of verbal communication, exploring techniques to effectively convey their unique experiences, aspirations, and perspectives. Through interactive workshops and personalized mock-up interview sessions, participants gained confidence in articulating their stories with clarity and authenticity.


Not only providing participants with expert-led training & workshops on verbal communication, storytelling, and tips for joining interviews. Another highlight of the event was the provision of personalized mock interview sessions, wherein participants received invaluable feedback from seasoned interviewers. These sessions offered participants a unique opportunity to refine their responses, thus enhancing their confidence and preparedness for the interview process.

Mock Up Interview Session with one of the event's participants
Mock Up Interview Session


Feedback from participants underscored the event's impact, with many expressing newfound confidence and clarity in their approach to crafting compelling answers for their interviews. 


Verena from Universitas Kristen Maranatha shared her sentiments, stating, "It was overall a great experience. I received pleasant and constructive feedback on how I should answer when it was time for me to be interviewed."

Similarly, Ailsa Numa from the University of Indonesia remarked, "Bright Internships is very accurate at predicting interview questions!! 11 out of 12, so I was already prepared and not surprised during the interview."


Bright Internships extends our sincerest appreciation to all participants whose active engagement contributed to the success of the IISMA Prep Training event. Their commitment to personal and professional development is truly commendable and serves as a testament to the dedication to excellence.


Looking ahead, we're excited to continue offering valuable resources and events to support many students on their journey. Stay tuned to Bright Internships' social media channels for updates on future events, tips, and more.