reduce waste

Reduce Waste, Lets Live with Nature

Nature is increasingly full of human waste, one of which is a plastic item that is hard to recycle. Plastics are the result of petroleum extraction, not all recyclable, most just end up in the trash. This could overload the Earth's performance and exacerbate the Earth's quality for the next generation. Of course, we can contribute more to the Earth by reduce waste that are take too long to recycle.


To reduce waste of plastic straw, you can buy bamboo or stainless steel straw that after used can be washed for use again. If you do not want to use a plastic straw option, just drink straight from the glass. 

Drinking bottles

Instead of buying plastic drinking water in a minimarket, it would be more efficient and better to bring your drinking water from home. Because plastic bottles are hard to recycle.

reduce waste

Photo by Globelet Reusable on Unsplash


Cloth Shopping Bag

Reduce waste by carry your own cloth shopping bag when going shopping. When you buy much, you can buy cardboard or bring your own from home. Because most people prefer to throw plastic from minimarket then it will become a garbage and hard to unravel.


Bamboo Toothbrush

Toothbrushes must be routinely changed every 3 months or when the brush is not good enough. When using a plastic toothbrush, you've stacked 4 toothbrushes for a year, that's just one person, how many  toothbrush used by one family for a year?

reduce waste

Photo by Superkitina on Unsplash


Cloth pads or menstrual cups

The sanitary products contain many chemical substances that are hard to recycle. You have another alternative, which is the cloth sanitary pads that need more care like drying in the sun to remove the smell, do not wear softener to keep the absorption good. Meanwhile, a menstrual cup can be considered, its quite expensive around Rp 300.000 but you can use it for 5 years. Compare to the cost of using a sanitary pad that you spent for 5 years.Did not have much different but it will affect to reduce waste.