Social Media and Job Hiring

Red Flags on Your Social Media

Have you ever think that your "Online Presence" is your "Online Resume"? Your online presence either can be good or bad for yourself. Aroud 61% of HR professionals said that inappropriate content can help then to rule out candidates who they deem unprofessional human being. Where they get this online resume? The answer is "Social Media"

Then, what is the best way to create a positive vibes of online presence? 

1. Consider the Content You Post 

Post a proper photo/video and caption a positive opinion will guide you to enhance your personal branding. It's okay to speak-up your own voice, but do it in an elegance way and use appropriate language. 

2. Bring-On Your "Bio" Game

Maximize your social media Bio to describe the best version of youself. Optimize the bio in 150 characters with information of who you are will add an additional value to your profile.

3. Filter Your Tagged Photos

This is the most common tips - tricky yet important. You might always be careful to maintain what you post or share. But do not forget to take a look at what others share about you and untagged any unwanted post. 

4. Your Feed, Your Portofolio 

Launch and build your online portofolio. Match the job you apply and the feed itself. But it's also okay to balance your post with unrelated things to the job because the recruiter wants to know yourself in a personal touch. 

5. Try to Google Yourself

 The best way to determine how your online presence is through test yourself in a google from time to time. Therefore, the more you are active in communities, forum, or any networking society. It will bring a plus point

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