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Soft Skill Training Webinar

Soft Skill Training: Boost Sales Productivity

On two consecutive weeks, Bright Internships have held a soft skill training class on the theme of “Boost Sales Productivity". This class was divided into 2 parts which are Planning and Monitoring. This online class series was hosted by our PR Officer, Ais Clara, and our Director of Strategic Partnerships as the speaker, Mr. Ariady. This class is suitable for brighterns who want to learn how to increase sales especially during a pandemic like this. Not only businessmen, those who want to become entrepreneurs can also join this class to gain knowledge in marketing.

Boost Sales Productivity: Planning that was held on the 12th of Sept 2020 explains how to create goals, create plans for weekly sales planning, how to prioritizing in every day to-do list, how to create a target service model, etc.  While the Boost Sales Productivity: Monitoring that was held on the 26th of Sept 2020 explains ways to monitoring the plan that is already created and how to balanced your time between personal time, work and sleep.

Besides the webinar, we also held a workshop by online, after the workshop files are given, participants are given time to fill in the files, then the speaker will randomly choose a few of the participants to correct their answers.

soft skill training
In all two of the classes that were attended by the professional participants from different businesses and companies. We discussed a lot of things and end up leaving the meeting room full of new knowledge.
We will be holding more career and soft skills training classes by online. The upcoming career classes are not only suitable for students but also professionals. If Brighterns have any request about the webinar topic don't hesitate to share it with us on our social media account.

For more information about our past and future online classes, let's check out our Instagram acount and our other social medias.