Things to avoid to get a job

Things to Avoid to Get A Job

Talent will get you in the door, but character will keep you in the room. You need to know that there are things to avoid to get a job.

There are many things should be prepared before doing an interview. But, there are also many things to avoid to get the job. Let's check this out:

1. Bad appearance

Your appearance in job interview is an absolutely crucial. Make sure your outfit is clean and fits you well. If you have this crucial step out of the way, you can nail it on the rest.

2. Latecomer

Don't be a latecomer. Based on Simply Hired Survey of 850 hiring managers, 93% said that tardiness hurt a candidate's hiring chances. Show respect for the interviewer's time by showing up 15 minutes earlier.

3. Not in the mood

Not in the mood will ruin everything. It only takes 7 seconds to form a first impression of someone. Not in the mood could ruin your chances to get hired. Make sure to put a genuine smile and confidence boost people to see your best parts. You need to set up a good mood before doing an interview, you can do the things that make you happy before doing an interview.

4. Negativity

Try to avoid using negative sentences such as "I can't" or "I don't know" and talk bad about your past companies and collagues. Use positive words and show your enthusiasm will definitely win the HR hearts.


Those are things you should avoid to get the job. Don't forget to prepare yourself before doing an interview. Practicing will help you do a good interview.

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