public speaking

Tips Public Speaking

Public speaking is not as easy as we imagine. Here are some tips that you can try so you can face the audience and speak in public smoothly:

Know the Number of Audience

The basic things you must know when want to do the public speaking is know the scale of  the audience. If it’s a small scale you can use medium voice but if it on a large scale you can use a louder voice. ­­

public speaking

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Dont be Nervous

People often feel nervous when they want to do the public speaking. Nervousness can make your mind goes blank. Just be confident, get rid of your nervousness and feel the pleasure of sharing knowledge for the audience.


Use Smiley Voice

Smiley Voice is a sound that sounds different when you speak while smiling. It is common to do on the phone but also can be used when speaking in public to show a friendly impression.


Memorize the Content

You must remember the content that you want to talk about. Don't really memorize like you're in an exam but also understand it. Then create a dialog of script what you will say and the order of the topics.


Interact with the Audience

Sometimes you shoud talk with the audience, invite them to interact, ask them questions related to your topic so they become more comfortable. You also need to adjust the distance, if it too far it will seems too formal. Keep eye contact with the audience, it can build closeness with audience.

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Make a Good Image

If this is the first time you speak in public, this is your chance to build a good image. Be confident, control the audience and mastered your topic are the key to receiving credibility.


Pay Attention to your Pronounciation

Pronounce your sentences clearly, the stops, and the intonation. Avoid using the word "hm" too much because it makes you look confused and could affect the audience's reaction.

You can practice public speaking in front of a mirror, talk without read a script and then say it continuously until you memorize and understand the topic. You can develop your public speaking skills by continuing to train and increase flight hours. Nothing wrong with trying, if you fail, get up and trying again.