Tips to Stay Safe and Sane While Working From Home

Stay Safe & Sane while working from home during the pandemic? Of course!

Almost all activities are carried out remotely at this time. You study, work, and even shop from home. So how do you stay productive during this pandemic, even at home?

1. Make a timetable

This method becomes very important because there is no longer a time limit for you to work. After all, you do everything from home. However, this can be a problem if one schedule with another schedule coincides. Therefore, you must create a timetable that regulates your time so that your life is more organized and healthy. You can use several applications to generate a schedule, such as Google Calander, RescueTime, or other applications.

2. Create a friendly workspace

The size of the workspace is not a problem. When you have a large but untidy and organized workspace, it will certainly affect your mood to work. But when the workspace is neat and clean, you will undoubtedly be comfortable at work so you can be productive every day. You can also add some plants to your workspace.

3. Socialize

Working from home doesn't mean you stop socializing with other people. Distance can't stop you from communicating. Take your time to discuss or call other people and talk about something exciting or trending at the moment.

4. Take a break

It's true that by working from home, you no longer have limitations in working, especially in terms of time. First, however, take a break on the sidelines of your busy life. You can also use the Pomodoro technique for 45 minutes of work and 5 minutes of rest. This is proven to be effective in increasing your work productivity.

5. Develop your skills

Soft skills are one of the most important things at this time. You must be able to manage your time, stress levels, conflict and improve your communication. Therefore, look for ways that these things can grow.

You can follow the things above as one of the considerations to enjoy the Work From Home (WFH) period. You can also read our blog and visit Bright Internships' social media for more information.