Tools You Need To Build Your Career

Career Preaparation with Bright Internships 

Getting a brilliant career is not easy because it requires careful preparation. We often feel intimidated by the questions, "What do you do?", "How is your work going?", "What is your plan for the next five years?"
Besides Ikigai, to help you direct and embrace your life-fulfilling goals, you will need these kinds of gear to improve your confidence!

1. Personal Reputation

In today's sophisticated era, it seems we all have at least one social media like Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn. Use your social media to present your reputation. Personal branding is much bigger than just social media. Personal Reputation is likened to your long-term asset. Make sure to create it wisely!

2. Soft Skills

Do you know what soft skills are needed at this time? According to Forbes, the Top 5 soft skills needed in 2021 are accountability, assertiveness, collaboration, and network, compliance, and conflict management

3. Hard Skills

In addition to soft talents, five hard skills are required at this moment, including IT and Cybersecurity, video and audio production, foreign languages and translation, data analysis and analytics, and creativity.
If you follow all these things, the chances of you getting a brilliant career will be more open.

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