Top 8 Virtual Internship Industries

A virtual internship is a work experience program where the participant can enhance their skills remotely! It is very convenient especially during this pandemic time where everyone is staying home. There are some virtual internship industries which are popular and these are the top 8 virtual internship industries.


Plenty of great companies are looking to support their teams with fresh new talent of designers. Some design firms will have you hands-on brand identity projects to support the creative part for marketing materials for the businesses.

Information Technology

An IT intern will involve in performing software updates technical issues, website development, and application development and many interesting projects. 


As a major with so many career path options, it's time to explore the field in writing, diplomatic, teamwork, and others problem-solving matters. This virtual internship industry is needed in pretty much in any type of corporates.

Media and Journalism

The beauty of being in this profession is the opportunity to purse a story and produce contents that will engage the audience by seeing inside the newsroom and be involved in the daily production process.


If you interested in the process of developing a successful marketing campaign or plan a compelling advertising, marketing is the best way to learn the ins and outs of the industry.


Unsurprisingly, internship in engineering position will help you discover what you would like to specialize in, as engineering is a very broad field with wide range of career paths.


Business interns come from all backgrounds. Bring their diverse talents to get involve and solve the problems through market research. Besides, contribute to the growth of the company.


As an entrepreneurship intern, you will immerse in the fast-paced business environment. Get the opportunity to draft the business plans, perform market research, and handle day-to-day operations.

Which one is your preferred industry?

All of these virtual internship industries indeed sound fun and awesome right? Experience yourself and connect with us for more detail info.