Internship Scholarship

Internships abroad programs can be quite costly. You need to plan your budget if you want to face all the expenses of such an amazing experience. An internship scholarship is the golden ticket in terms of funding.
The difficulty with scholarship programs is that many people don’t know about them in due time. Therefore, they miss opportunities for internships abroad thinking they cannot fund this project.
In this article, you will discover the different types of scholarships available, how to search for them and get some tips for the application process.

Coûts & Financements du stage à l'étranger

Coûts d’un stage à l’étranger

Avec tous les coûts que représente un stage à l’étranger, la facture peut vite grimper si vous ne prévoyez pas votre expérience à l’avance. Lorsque votre stage est organisé assez tôt, il est possible que cela ne vous coûte pas grand-chose.