Chinese Useful Smart Phone Application

Smart Phone Application That Will Help You During Your Stay in China

China is one of the fastest developing country. The use of technology make everyone easier to travel and to live in China, even for local people but mostly for foreigners. We can do almost everything from our smart phone. All we have to do is just to make sure that our smart phone is always sticking with us - everytime, everywhere. As your smart phone be one of the most important things in China, here are some Chinese useful smart phone application that can explain why.



Smart Phone Application: Baidu

Chinese Delicious Breakfast Menu

Breakfast is important for us. It can gives us stamina we need to work for the whole day. If you are get used to have a breakfast, that’s a good habit. In the other hand, if you dislike to have a breakfast, try to eat in small portion. When you have a trip or internship program in China. Try this Chinese local foods as your breakfast menu. I can guarantee that you will love them all.

4 China's Signature Breakfast Menu

1. Chinese Pancake (煎饼Jiānbing)

Chinese Breakfast Menu: Chinese Pancake/Jianping

Explore Surabaya for FREE with These 3 Buses!

Do you know that Surabaya, the second metropolitan city of Indonesia, named as the best tourism city?

The title is given at 2018 Yokatta Wonderful Indonesia Tourism Awards which recognizes cities and regencies with outstanding commitment, performance, innovation, creation, and leadership in developing regional tourism.

The local government effort is clearly seen from how both the locals and tourist can easily access the facility to explore Surabaya and get to know to Surabaya’s local culture.

11 Must Try Korean Street Food

South Korea is the land of appetizing and affordable street food, that you can find at markets, subway stations and from ‘pojangmacha’ – street carts along popular areas. It’s an easy way to see and taste-test some K​orean street food in bite size. Here are some of the most popular Korean street foods to sink your teeth into on the streets of South Korea.

Tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes)


Simple Chinese Vocabulary to Visit China

China is a huge and beautiful country. This country is worth to visit and here’s some reasons why. Beautiful places, delicious foods, cultures and arts, cheap goods, and many more. If you never visited China, I suggest you to plan a trip. Before we go too far, I want to ask you some questions.

1. Are you scared of getting lost in China?

2. Are you scared of visiting China because of language differences?

3. Have you ever had a hard time when communicating with local people when buying food or asking for direction?

Confuse with language differences

Internship in China - 5 of the Most Different Landscapes to See

The superficy of China is hard to fathom for a European. Stretching from Vladivostok to Islamabad, the country is home to a wide range of cultures, languages and landscapes. In the north, a warm and dry desert covers most of the territory. In the south-east, the highest mountains in the world close the border with India. In the east, the warm waters of the chinese sea carry the busiest maritime trade area in the world. With so many different sceneries, which one should you visit first? We propose a list of the five most diverse landscapes to see when doing an internship in China.

Top Places to Visit in Indonesia Besides Bali and Jakarta

Indonesia is a fabulous country located between south-east Asia and Australia. With its 17000 islands - most of which are not even named - the diversity of appealing places is tremendous. If you spent only one day on each island, you would have seen every one of them in about 47 years! This is why we chose to select only a few of the most iconic/worth seeing places to visit when doing an internship in Indonesia: