Bus Collecting Plastic in Indonesia

For those who have been in South-East Asia and specifically in Indonesia, this won’t come as a shocker: Indonesia has a HUGE problem with plastic. The country consumes a lot of it and the trash processing system cannot cope. A lot of it ends up in landfills, rivers or burned in the streets, contributing to the growing problem of air pollution.

Mount Bromo From Surabaya

If you happen to be staying in Surabaya, you will probably want to discover the surroundings and enjoy the beauty of East-Java. You are lucky then because the city of Surabaya is a good starting point to discover the region. Indeed, the access to different tourist points is easy from Surabaya. Madura island is only a bridge away from the city since the new Suramadu bridge was received, in less than 2 hours in Bus, you can reach Malang and many other cities. But one of the highlight of East-Java is Mount Bromo.

East Java Discovery : Batu-Malang

No matter what type tourist or traveller you are, Indonesia’s diversity can suit all of your desires. From the pristine beaches of Bali to the jungle of Sumatra or the impressive temples of Yogyakarta, there is enough to visit for everyone. Although tourism is important in Indonesia’s economy, it is mostly concentrated in Bali, and its increasing popularity is driving some tourists in search of less famous places to discover.
East-Java is the new trendy destination you will hear about soon. As of now, tourism in the region mostly comes from local Indonesians from other regions, but you will still encounter a few foreigners in the most famous landmarks.

Experience Singapore's Ethnic Diversity

Singapore is truly a unique city. The city-state offers a quality of life unmatched in South-East Asia, and often ranks top at charts about infrastructures and development worldwide. Unlike most cities in the region, Singapore is pretty expensive, green, very clean and is international. If you travel in South-East Asia, you should definitely spend a few days there. If you have planned that already, here are interesting places to visit for short-stays.

Beautiful Beach in Malang

Malang Beautiful Beach: The Hidden Paradise

Having an internship in Malang is really a good choice. This small city is full of surprising things. If you think you can’t do anything fun in a small city like Malang, you wrong. Malang has a lot of hidden paradise. Yes, one of them is the beach. In Bahasa Indonesia, we call it Pantai. All the beaches are located in Southern Malang. Now, we will show you the beautiful beache in Malang that you won’t miss.


Pantai Balekambang

Malang Beautiful Beach: Pantai Balekambang

Beautiful Waterfall Around Batu – Malang (Part 2)

These Beautiful Waterfall Also Irresistible!

Still talking about beautiful waterfall around Batu – Malang. There are more beautifull waterfall that you can enjoy. Since Batu – Malang is located between mountains, waterfall be one of the best place to visit. Here come another wonderful place that you won’t miss while in Malang.

Coban Pelangi

Beautiful Waterfall Around Baru - Malang: Coban Pelangi

Beautiful Waterfall Around Batu – Malang (Part 1)

Beautiful Waterfall Around Batu That You Won't Miss While in Malang

Having internship in Malang City can be the best decision you ever made. Near from Malang, there’s a small city called Batu. It’s only 1 hour away with driving or riding. Though it’s a small city, it has a lot of beautiful scenery and places to visit. You can visit some mountains, waterfalls, beaches and the other recreational places. Here, find out some beautiful waterfall around Batu, Malang that is worth-to-visit.

Coban Rondo

Beautiful Waterfall: Coban Rondo

Dockless Sharing Bike in China

Dockless Sharing Bike, A New Comfortable Way to Discover and Travel Around The City

Dockless Sharing Bike

Image Source: https://www.thebeijinger.com/


Dockless sharing bike being the popular public transportation in China. It makes everyone easier to travelling and move from a place to another. When you are tired of walking or too lazy to hop on the crowded bus and MRT, this dockless sharing bike is the wisest choice. Some of the most popular dockless shering bike in China are Ofo Bike, Mobike and Hellobike. The question is why must dockless sharing bike? To answer that question, here are some reasons why dockless sharing bike is worth to take: