Reduce Waste, Lets Live with Nature

Nature is increasingly full of human waste, one of which is a plastic item that is hard to recycle. Plastics are the result of petroleum extraction, not all recyclable, most just end up in the trash. This could overload the Earth's performance and exacerbate the Earth's quality for the next generation. Of course, we can contribute more to the Earth by reduce waste that are take too long to recycle.


To reduce waste of plastic straw, you can buy bamboo or stainless steel straw that after used can be washed for use again. If you do not want to use a plastic straw option, just drink straight from the glass. 

Drinking bottles

Instead of buying plastic drinking water in a minimarket, it would be more efficient and better to bring your drinking water from home. Because plastic bottles are hard to recycle.

Relaxing Weekend Tips

Ambitious people will feel the trouble of not doing their homework, the same can happen when it came to works. But it's too diligent to think about work in holidays and it can burden you. There are some relaxing weekend tips you can do to enjoy your free time

Make a list of activities

Weekends are a good time to clean the house. The first one of relaxing weekend tips is make a to-do list before so on weekends you won't forget. There are so many things you can do: clean your room, wash your dirty clothes, etc

Internet Safety Tips

Recently, there has been a case of leaked consumer personal data to darkweb by one of the e-commerce in Indonesia. This is really dangerous, how about your account? do you think its safe enough? Let's check if you have secured your social media account with internet safety tips below:

Distinguish email and mobile number 

For sosmed and e-commerce/ m.banking. Why? If you use the same email for all accounts, then one of the sosmed or e commerce was successfully compromised, all the data recorded (phone number and email). Have 2 mobile numbers to avoid similar things that could happen. If your mobile number is leaked, the scary things is maybe there could be a person who track or pranks you.

How to Make a Dessert Box at Home

Easy dessert box recipe

Dessert box have been quite the hype nowadays because of the deliciousness and the simplicity of it. Dessert box is basically a cake or any form of dessert that is put in a box container and is usually eaten within the box. It is quite unique because you can literally put anything that you would want in a dessert box and it is absolutely delicious and practical. In this article, we are going to put a simple dessert box recipe that you can make and enjoy at home.

Regal Dessert Box

Dessert Box

Fasting Tips while Work From Home

Fasting Tips

Fasting is identical with feeling faint, stomach sore. Its hungry and less excited because it withholds hunger and thirst. But we still have to do the activity as usual when fasting instead of being a constant because the thinking saves energy will make us not hungry and thirsty again. There are the fasting tips:


Fulfill your body nutrition

Suhoor is one of the important things for the body to gain energy. Sahoor together with family is another good things to make you in a good mood.  Dont forget to eat and drink enough water so you can concentrate while working later. And start the day by being happy and the rest of your family will influenced by your happiness.fasting tips

Apa Saja yang Harus Disiapkan Ketika Ingin Merantau ke Luar Negeri?

Tantangan Berada di Luar Negeri

Merantau ke luar negeri bisa jadi menyeramkan bagi yang belum pernah memiliki pengalaman sebelumnya. Jauh dari orang tua dan teman-teman dirumah bisa membuatmu berkecil hati dan takut untuk mencoba hal baru. Tapi hal itu bisa jadi sangat menyenangkan karena kita bisa mendapatkan ilmu dan pengalaman baru! It may seem overwhelming but trust me, the experience lasts a lifetime. Membangun relasi dan pengalaman di negara yang berbeda dapat membuat diri kita berkembang, mulai dari pengetahuan, kemampuan komunikasi interpersonal, relasi, dan tentunya foto-foto di galeri kita bisa bertambah!

Indonesian Traditional Foods that You Must Try

Every country has their iconic foods. In Indonesia, you will see so many variants of traditional foods that is cheap and delicious. This are some sugesstions of Indonesian traditional foods that you can try when come here:


Egg Satay (Sate Telor)

Basically its egg, a little bit MSG then fried, pinned by small woods, then served with spicy sauce. You can find egg satay around schools because children really like to buy this and its really cheap around Rp.1000.

Indonesian traditional Foods


Round-shape made from sticky rice. The size can be different depends on price. The filling has so many variation: green beans, chocolate, etc. You can find onde-onde easily on traditional market.

Berkunjung ke Australia, 5 Tempat yang Wajib Dikunjungi!

Sudah di Australia, Terus Kemana Ya?

Benua Australia merupakan benua terkecil yang ada di dunia sekaligus salah satu negara terbesar di dunia, terletak diantara Samudra Pasifik dan Hindia. Ibukota Australia, Canberra, terletak di daerah utara selatan antara kota-kota besar Australia yang sangat penting pertumbuhan ekonomi dan budayanya, yaitu Sydney dan Melbourne.
Australia memiliki banyak sekali destinasi wisata untuk para turis yang sedang berkunjung ataupun untuk warga lokal yang sedang ingin melepas kepenatan dan bersenang-senang. Nah, untuk teman-teman interns yang sedang menjalani internshipnya di Australia, disini akan kami rekomendasikan tempat-tempat yang wajib banget kalian kunjungi: