Top 5 Internship Industry Recommendations

Internships are needed by students to add knowledge and experience before entering the real work industry.
Usually people who have a lot of internship experience will be more considered when applying for a job.
Unfortunately, sometimes students and fresh graduates have difficulty getting information on vacancies or being accepted for internships.
Even though at the same time the company actually also needs interns.

Here are the top 5 internships industry who are in great demand;

Top 8 Virtual Internship Industries

A virtual internship is a work experience program where the participant can enhance their skills remotely! It is very convenient especially during this pandemic time where everyone is staying home. There are some virtual internship industries which are popular and these are the top 8 virtual internship industries.


Plenty of great companies are looking to support their teams with fresh new talent of designers. Some design firms will have you hands-on brand identity projects to support the creative part for marketing materials for the businesses.

Architecture and Interior Design Internship: Job Description

Everyone needs infrastructures to live, work and play. Architects and interior designers are the ones responsible for designing those places. Does that sounds like a dream job for you? If yes then an international internship in architecture and interior design will help you to learn deeper about the industry. Especially with how buildings and structures differ from one culture to another. An international internship will give you a more profound understanding and experience about these designs. It is also an increasingly competitive industry where an internship is more of a requirement rather than a suggestion. If you are interested in an architecture and interior design internship, first you need to understand the many possible job description.

Business Consulting Internships: Job Description

Running a business is not an easy task, especially with how fast the market and technology are changing. There are times when consulting professionals and specialists of the field from outside the company become necessary. Business counselors offer their service for these kinds of situations. They are the expert in their chosen fields, which can be healthcare, human resource, manufacturing, IT, and many others. Because a business counselor has to have an intimate knowledge of their specialized area, getting a Master or Doctoral degree is useful and can help convince clients that they have the necessary skill to assist their company. To all of you who are going to take a business consulting internship, have a look at some of the possible job descriptions.

Education Internship: Job Description

The basis of every thriving society is a well-developed education system. Education is something that should be affordable and accessible to everyone regardless of their circumstances. Different people have different skills and interests, and it is the job of the people in the education industry to nourish and develop those talents. Imparting knowledge to others is not an easy task and requires someone who is able to adapt with the change that comes with time. If you have an interest in pursuing an education internship, take a look at the possible job descriptions.  

School Teacher

Entrepreneurship Internship: Job Description

An entrepreneurship in the form of startup companies have been a popular type of business enterprise in recent times, especially for young people. Part of the reason is because of the creative environment and the encouragement to be innovative. From the customer’s perspective, many prefer them because small companies give more of a personal touch in their product and their interaction, which is often lacking with big companies. Startup companies also offer unique services and goods with affordable price that cannot be found elsewhere. If you are planning on getting an entrepreneurship internship, check out some of the possible job description.

Application Developer

Healthcare Internships: Job Description

Receiving medical treatment is one of the most basic human rights. For this reason, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is impossible for the field to stop expanding and growing as an industry. Healthcare is not limited to physical injuries. Awareness for mental illness is also gaining traction these recent years, and is an important part of healthcare. A career in the medical field is also regarded highly in almost every society in the world. For those interested in participating in a healthcare internship, here are some of the possible job descriptions in the field.  


International Business and Trade Internship : Job Description

To run a truly successful business in this day and age, one must think with a global mindset. From the process of acquiring raw materials from one country to exporting the finished product to another, international business and trade requires the involvement of people from various fields with different expertise and a great deal of work and communication. Understanding the concept and having intimate knowledge of manufacturing process is essential for being able to do well in this field of work. An internship will give you exactly just that. If you have an interest in getting an international business and trade internship, take a look at some of the possible job descriptions.

Materials Management

Legal Internships: Job Description

Legal systems are known to be complex and full of difficult terminologies that make it hard for a layman to understand their meanings. At the same time, it is most likely that a person would need a legal advice at least once in their life, or even someone to defend their rights when they get into trouble with the law. The legal industry provides these services, helping people with their problems regarding the country’s legal system. As there are many aspects of our life that are governed by the law, the people in this industry have differing set of skills and specialties depending on the subject of their choosing. For those interested in taking a legal internship, take a look at some of the possible job description.        

Real Estate Internship: Job Description

A career in real estate can be both very challenging and very rewarding. The business is booming and the market is not showing any sign that it will stop growing anytime soon. However, buying a house could be the biggest money investment that many people will ever make in their life. Because of that, the process can be complicated and difficult. It will be the people working in real estate that will help them go through that process with as much ease as possible. Before you take part in a real estate internship, take a look at some job description below!   

Property Manager