Internships Abroad: Expenses or Investment?

Everyone dreaming of getting an opportunity to go abroad, whether it is for holiday, working, or study purpose. Nowadays, internships abroad are increasingly popular. What is that for? How much doest it costs? Is it really necessary? Is it really worth it?


How An Internship In China Changed My Life

It is no longer a secret that nowadays most of the top companies look for new talents with new ideas and great experiences. But as fresh graduates, we still have no professional experiences, right?
Joining a lot of university activities might help us but, to be honest, it is not enough. One activity which can help boosting your professional experiences is doing an internship. As one of the most important keys to compete in this era, an internship will help you a lot when applying for a job. HR will most likely consider us more since we already have working experiences. It is said that an internship is a valuable chance and invetsment.

Kejar Target 30 Juta Bisa Kamu Mulai Sekarang!

Jika kamu pengguna aktif Twitter, pastinya kamu tahu kalau dunia twitter sempat digegerkan oleh seorang wanita yang ingin mencari suami dengan penghasilan minimal 30 juta perbulan. Tentunya kejar target 30 juta bukanlah angka yang kecil dan ini mengundang berbagai macam respon dari warga net.

Tapi ternyata kejar target 30 juta ini bisa diraih loh! Tidak mudah memang. Banyak faktor yang mempengaruhi, seperti kota tempat bekerja, bidang pekerjaan, posisi, perusahaan, dan lain lain. Apapun faktornya, ada 1 kesamaan untuk bisa membantumu meraih angka itu ketika bekerja nanti dan itu bisa kamu lakukan sejak kamu masih berkuliah! Hal ini tidak lain adalah dengan meningkatkan nilai jualmu.

Pourquoi ta candidature de stage à l'étranger est rejetée

Tu as envoyé cinquante CV et toujours aucune réponse ? Chercher un stage à l'étranger n'est pas une mince affaire. Mais tu peux quand même mettre toutes les chances de ton côté. Voici quelques raisons pourquoi ta candidature est sans arrêt rejetée.

Tu vises trop haut, trop tôt

Peut-être que tes exigences sont trop élevées. Peut-être que tu postules à des offres de stage rémunérés alors que tu n'as encore aucune expérience. Le premier stage est le plus souvent non rémunéré.

Why Summer Internship is Exciting

As the weather is getting hotter, the students’ spirit is getting burnt looking for summer internship opportunities.

Summer has always been everyone’s favorite season to do an internship. Not only because of the long break, but also because many companies offer internship opportunities during this period. Sounds competitive? Yes, it is. But it also means there are plenty of opportunities out there that you can choose. This is the perfect time to build your resume!

Here’s why summer internship is exciting for us:

The Sun

Pourquoi faire un stage à l'étranger ?

La vie est un jeu

On peut considérer la vie comme un jeu, composé de plus petits mini-jeux. Réussir sa carrière est l’un de ces mini-jeux.
Comme dans beaucoup de jeux vidéo, le but d’une carrière est de réaliser des missions pour gagner des récompenses. Au début, on a 23 ans et on entre sur le monde du travail, au niveau 1. On cherche les meilleures missions possibles (un poste de rêves, travailler pour une entreprise prestigieuse, etc) pour atteindre le niveau 2 le plus vite possible. Le peu d’expérience qu’on a à ce moment fait que la récompense (salaire) reste petite.
La compétition quand on sort des études est dure. On peine à trouver un emploi – cet emploi tellement important pour qu’on puisse faire ses preuves. La compétition avec les autres étudiant(e)s semble sans pitié. Pourquoi est-ce que c’est si compliqué ?

How to Choose Your Dream Internship Abroad Destination

How to Choose Your Internship Abroad Destination

The first step in organising your internship is, of course, to ask yourself what industry and role you would like to work in. This may take some time to think about your desired position but it’s okay. Try to think outside of the box and brainstorm less obvious options. We often have more choices available to us than we first expect, so it is a good idea to take the time to consider all of your options before moving to the next step.

School Break is for Internship Abroad

School Break for Internship Abroad

While you could devote your school break from college to relaxing and enjoying free time with family and friends, if you’re forward-thinking, you might want to focus on building your career and taking the next steps to finding opportunities to do internship abroad.

Doing internship abroad aka working for free might not be ideal for some students. Who wants to spend their holiday break doing work for free? Yet, here’s why you should want to take this opportunity.

UNIKA Atma Jaya Special Program: Internship Abroad

UNIKA Atma Jaya Special Program: Internship Abroad


We believe internship will become a powerful and transformative experience for students, especially if they choose to do the internship abroad. The reasons to intern abroad is endless but some students may still have hesitation or difficulty as they are not familiar with how to connect with foreign companies as well as what to prepare. Thus, Bright Internships together with Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya (UNIKA Atma Jaya) create these special internship abroad programs.