Internship in Japan: Should you learn Japanese?

You've always been fascinated by Japan for many reasons. And now you want to work there. While some companies accept English-only speakers to work with them (foreign startups or international corporates essentially), most will not consider anyone whose level is below JLPT N2 for a position. Now it's time to get ready for your internship in Japan.

Japanese ranks alongside Mandarin Chinese and Arabic as one of the most difficult languages to learn from a European point of view. Yes, harder languages require harder work. But it shouldn't stop you - neither should you learn a language only because it is said to be easy. Passion first. So let's explore the different particularly difficult aspects of the Japanese language.


An Internship in Asia Will Turbocharge Your Career

An internship in Asia will turbocharge your career

For a long time, the Western hemisphere composed of the USA and a few European countries dominated the global economy. With the rise of the four dragons (Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore) then of China, this seemingly uncontested position started to be threatened by Asia. The Chinese economy will in a few years catch up with the United States. Some specialists predict that in 2050, three of the four world's biggest economies will be Asian (with India and Indonesia catching up).

Why Internships Abroad Are More Valuable Than Study Exchange


Why an internship abroad might be more valuable than a study exchange

It is no secret that more and more students want to spend some time abroad during their studies. Not only is it a memorable personal experience; the whole set of soft skills and knowledge that come with it are also valued by recruiters. But should you do an internship or a study exchange in this new country? Having done both - three internships abroad and one year of studies outside of France - I will try to analyse the pros and cons of those two experience.

Pourquoi l'Indonésien va devenir une langue incontournable

Pourquoi l'Indonésien va devenir une langue incontournable

Des côtes de Sumatra d'où on peut voir les lumières de Singapour aux jungles inextricables de Papouasie, le pays s'étend sur une distance comparable à celle qui sépare Londres de Riyad. L'archipel sépare l'Asie de l'Océanie, l'Océan Indien de l'Océan Pacifique, et se pose ainsi comme un pays à l'emplacement stratégique pour le commerce mondial.  L'Indonésie est le quatrième pays le plus peuplé de la planète, derrière la Chine, l'Inde et les Etats-Unis. L'archipel obtient son indépendance en 1945, et son unité s'est avérée dès les débuts un véritable sujet d'encouragement politique, car il fallait rassembler des centaines d'ethnies sous un seul drapeau - l'Indonésie est le plus grand archipel du monde avec plus de 13 000 îles.

Why You Should Do an Internship in Singapore, the Lion City

There are plenty of reasons why you should do an internship in Singapore. Few people are let unmoved by the mere name of "Singapore". A harbour that has soon become a hub for commerce between Europe and Asia, and still excites today by the diversity of its languages and cultures. Small south Asian coffee shops lie just next to global banking skyscrapers, trees and flowers garnish highways, and the view from the CELAVI night club at night is incredible.

Here are a few interesting things that you should know about internship in Singapore:

Legit Proof Graduates Need Internships Too

When students want to do internships, people think that’s a noble thing to do because students need to explore themselves and get experiences. However, when graduates want to do internships, the connotation somehow turns negative. You’ve got a degree, so you should be able to get a “real job” now, right? The problem is things don’t always work out that way. Whether it’s due to lack of experience, lack of connections, or something else entirely — graduates need internships too.

Internships are necessary to do especially if you’re not sure what your next move should be. Here are five reasons why it’s perfectly OK to have an internship after graduation:

You’re not sure which direction to take

Asia: What Westerners Just Don't Understand

Culture—a word that has severely harmed corporates, ruined joint-ventures, and created an infinite number of dialogue misunderstandings. In an increasingly globalized work market, not only managers but also workers need to prove themselves interculturally aware. This is also in the list of things that Westerners just don't understand. Especially when coming to Asia, western workers have to stay humble and try to understand the local mentality.

In this article, we compile some value that Westerners just don’t understand when they come to Asia.

Think collectively


Why Do I Need Mock Interview?

A mock interview is a simulation of an actual job interview. It provides you with an opportunity to practice for an interview and receive feedback.


“I’ve practiced by myself, do I need mock interview?”

Yes! It’s great that you practice on your own but sometimes it can be hard to asses yourselves because we cannot be objective. By having mock interview, you’ll learn several important things:

What to Wear to an Interview

As if job interviews weren’t stressful enough, you also have to think about what to wear to an interview. Showing up to an interview polished and dressed appropriately for the role you are interviewing for shows that you put effort into yourself and into understanding the organization's culture. Also, mind that a good interview outfit can help with your confidence going into the interview. If you feel great on the outside it will calm the inner crazy person shrieking insecurities inside your head.

Dressing right for the job interview is easier said than be done. Here’s how to decide what to wear to an interview.