Yuk Ramaikan Isi Resume Kamu

Mahasiswa pasti sudah sering mendengar kata resume. Resume adalah ringkasan riwayat diri personal yang ditunjukkan kepada perusahaan untuk bisa mengetahui keahlian kita secara singkat. Selain resume ada beberapa hal lain yang harus kamu lakukan ketika melakukan wawancara yaitu: ekspresi wajah dan gerak tubuh. Tapi tahukah kamu, ada beberapa cara yang bisa dilakukan untuk mengisi resume supaya resume kamu lebih dilirik oleh perusahaan. Ingin tahu apa saja cara yang bisa kamu lakukan untuk mengisi resume? Mari Intip Cara Percantik Resumemengisi resume

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How to Cure Cough

How to cure cough? Try effective cough method. In some cases of cough with phlegm, they have difficulty spitting up phlegm. As a result, phlegm can not be removed. This could be because the way you cough is wrong. Let's learn how to cough effectively for maximum phlegm expenditure with minimal energy.

Medical Mask or Fabric Mask?

Which one is the better mask?

Lately we see everywhere that homemade face mask is starting to become a trend. From a simple fabric with elastic bands to bandana being worn while out in public to prevent the transmission of coronavirus from person to person. Healthcare officials such as CDC (The Centres of Disease Control and Prevention) have recommended everyone to wear fabric face mask instead of disposable medical mask and there are some things you need to know about making and wearing masks.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking is not easy for everyone. But there is no harm in getting used to it from the start. Do you know what is the benefits of think positively for the body?

Relieves Stress

Why do you burden yourself with stress when you can stop thinking about it and be more relax. Positive thinking is a way to relieve stress because you can divert your mind to something else. Dont be overthinker! Just think positively about anything.

positive thinking

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Lifehack: How To Make Your Shoes Waterproof

Lifehack makes your life easier

It has been heavy rain season in Indonesia, almost every day is pouring rain, at night, noon, or even in the morning sometimes. Yes, rain is amazing, everything is hydrated and it’s moist and we can feel that cool breeze and also the smell of the rain is beautiful. But, have you ever had a problem with wet shoes during the rain? Well, same here. It is really annoying to start the day with good shoes and suddenly heavy rain starts to pour and you have to walk around with wet shoes until your day ends. Ever wonder what can we do to stop this habit? Here's a lifehack, applying wax to your shoes!

Is it clean? Is it okay? Well, here it is.

Bored? Try to Design The Bedroom

Design the bedroom is another good idea if you are bored at home. If you need new atmosphere, you can try this to make you feel more fresh. There are several things that you can plan to buy for aesthetic room decoration like on Pinterest.

The floor

If you want design the bedroom to be Korean-style, you can try to use vinsyl sticker or wooden motifs.

design the bedroom

The carpet

The next aesthetic items to design the bedroom is carpet. For those who like to lie on the floor, the carpet base is very suitable because it is good for doing homework while lying down and its add aesthetic impression in your room.

Motivational Tips to Try When You Feeling Sad

When people are sad, they are mostly confused about what to do to overcome it. You don't need to worry, here are some motivational tips that you can try when feeling sad:

Ask your friends for help

The common way when you feel sad is go to your friend. The first motivational tips is ask for your friend’s help to listen your sadness. If you go to the right person, they can give advice and encourage you to be happy again.

Dont waste your time

The second motivational tips is you can be sad for a while, but remember! Tomorrow you shouldn’t be sad again by the same things because it waste your time. You shouldn't trapped in sadness continuously because it can affect your psychological and psychological condition.

Fun Activity During Self Quarantine

The existence of this Corona outbreak causes people to do social distancing or being at home. Some countries like China, Italy, South Korea, and Indonesia have done self-quarantine to flatten the Corona curves. Do you feel bored not knowing what to do during self quarantine? Do you need a fun activity to spend your time? Here are fun activities during self-quarantine you can try at home.


Fun Activity During Self Quarantine

Tips Public Speaking

Public speaking is not as easy as we imagine. Here are some tips that you can try so you can face the audience and speak in public smoothly:

Know the Number of Audience

The basic things you must know when want to do the public speaking is know the scale of  the audience. If it’s a small scale you can use medium voice but if it on a large scale you can use a louder voice. ­­

public speaking

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Dont be Nervous

People often feel nervous when they want to do the public speaking. Nervousness can make your mind goes blank. Just be confident, get rid of your nervousness and feel the pleasure of sharing knowledge for the audience.