Common Resume Mistakes

Avoid This Common Resume Mistakes

It’s not a secret that one of the things you need the most in order to land your dream internship is a resume. But, of course, making a resume that will take you to the interview is not easy. On top of that, you’re still a college student with limited work experience and knowledge to create the perfect resume. Many students fail to go to the next round due to certain common resume mistakes. Making a good resume is a must and you should definitely avoid the following college students common resume mistakes. It will help your resume stand out and impress the recruiters!

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Be Remarkable Interns NOW!

Congratulations for landing your dream internship! You must feel ecstatic in the first week of your internship. New environtment, new experience, new opportunity, new people. No wonder if the excitement makes you want to do the best in everything. But while you busy enjoying internship life, don't forget to be remarkable interns in the company. Doing your internship accordingly is great, but being remarkable interns will put you in another level. It’s time to upgrade yourself. Here are some tips to be remarkable interns.

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Internship Rejection and How to Deal

You may have been prepared well for the internship interview and felt positive about the interview. Even so, the final outcome still can be different from your expectation. Getting turned down for an internship, of course, can be frustating. It can be especially difficult when it happens over and over again. However, don’t let the internship rejection to knock your confidence and affect you performance in future interviews. Remember that the way you handle internship rejection is just as important as the skills on your CV. So, here’s some tips on how to handle internship rejection.


7 Ways to Stay Motivated during Internship

Let’s be honest, there must be times when the negativity start to overwhelm and drain your energy. Things might not go well as you want or you are not making any progress at work. Remember that you can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond to it. Learn to create a positive environment for yourself and you’ll begin to become more motivated. Here's 7 ways to stay motivated at work that you should try.

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6 Tips to Make Friends at Work

Being the new kid at work can be challenging. Even so, don’t let this thing to take you down. Remember that this is your opportunity to build relationship with professionals so you shouldn’t waste it. Moreover, by having friends at work can make you more productive and motivated. If you’re still struggling at making friends, you better follow this 6 tips to make friends at work!

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Building a Creative Mind

In any field of work, being able to think out of the box and present new ideas are qualities that are important for achieving success and being valued by every employer. By having a creative mind, you will be able to look at a problem from multiple perspectives and offer a solution that is both fresh and effective. Some of you might think that creativity is something that people is born with, and although that is true to some degree, it is also important to understand that creativity is a skill. And like any other skills, it can be learned and trained.  In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks on how to build a creative mind.

Setting Internship Goal

If you’re planning or currently doing internship, it means you’re ready to challenge yourself in experiencing a new thing. In internship, you’ll get the chance to explore yoursel, learn about working life, build connections, and many more. Knowing about the benefits that you’ll get, why don’t you try to bring you internship life into the next level? Set your goals and achieve something. Setting internship goal can make your internship life to be your valuable experience. In addition, it will also give you direction on what you want to achieve during your internship.

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4 Ways to Successful Internship

Crafting a successful internship does not mean that you just have to follow orders from boss or do what your coworkers tell you. Remember that you are doing internship not to become a coffee runner but to develop yourself. The key is actually to build on what you already know, such as college fundamentals, and demonstrate willingness and enthusiasm to learn professional practices. With this 4 ways to successful internship, you will find yourself adding value to your internship. Furthermore, you can also gain priceless knowledge to be used in your future professional career.

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Train Your Brain to Learn Faster with These 4 Tips!

Learning new things is important in every stages of life, especially in this age of technology, where there is near limitless access to information. In many cases, the information is literally on the tip of the fingers. This in turn, for better or worse, increase the standard for students and professionals everywhere. You will be expected to learn new skills and absorb new information quickly to keep up with the dynamic environment. Just like how you go to the gym to train your body, there are ways to condition the brain so that it can work more efficiently. Whether you want to acquire new skills or pick up new language, or simply keep up with the current news, here are several ways to train your brain to learn faster.

Parents Don’t Allow Internship Abroad? Try This!

One of the challenges to achieve goal in doing internship abroad is to get parents’s support and permission. There will be no issue if your parents give you full support, but what if your parents don't allow you to join an internship abroad? You need to remember that there must be many things which influence parents' decision such as financial, safety, or they simply worry about the idea that their children living faraway from them. Sulking and threatening parents are definitely not the way out to solve this problem. Do these tips if your parents don't allow internship abroad and be ready to get their permission!

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