WHY Do I Need to Pay for Doing an Internship Program?

Some of you may be wondering why you would need to pay to do an internship program abroad. First of all, the program fee covers the internship placement that you will have an opportunity to interact directly and get hands-on experience from local employers in destination country. This is something that will take you months of your hard work and persistence to connect with the international network, which you are not familiar with. Besides, you are not sure as well if the network is the right one for you. How if any problems occur during the internship? With our extensive network and contacts, we provide you with range of selected companies that match your requirement and definitely the right internship for you.

Next, the program fee also covers other services such as pre-departure service, career preparation service, flight booking, gathering and social network, visa assistance, airport transfer, welcome pack, orientation, medical insurance, 24/7 in country support, accommodation, and language courses. This will help you to have a smooth transition to the new country as we take care of all the logistics.

Finally, most of the program fee goes to your accommodation abroad – we organize a safe, clean, furnish service apartment for you in strategic location downtown that is accessible with public transport; and the 24/7 in-country support to assist you anytime whenever you have any problems and need support to adapt in the new country.

If financial reasons holding you back from participating our program, we have a scholarship available for the selected participants or you can consult with your University if they provide such scholarship for joining overseas program.


WHY Do I Need Help from Bright Internships to Arrange My Internship?

Bright Internships has a well developed network of partner companies who provide fantastic internship opportunities for you and we assure that the internship placement is guaranteed even though you have no previous working experience, no connection in the country, or even you do not speak local language, and do not know local culture. We help you to select the right companies based on your expectation and your University’s requirement (if any).

You will be assisted with career preparation service including career advise and exploration, resume revision and mock interview training so that you can understand more about yourself and be well prepared for your internship journey abroad, meeting with potential host employers.

We are taking care of your pre-departure process until the end of your program including your visa, flight booking, airport transfer, welcome pack and orientation, accommodation overseas, medical insurance, in country support 24/7, gathering and social network, and language lesson. We can build a customized program depending on your necessity and you only pay what you really need. All comes really handy to you!

If you are lucky enough to secure your own internship overseas, there is no guarantee that the internship has a great quality and matches your expectation. Bright Internships is here to assist you and make sure that you have a useful experience throughout your program. Our local staffs will regularly meet you to check on your internship progress and your overall stay experience.

Every student has different capability to adapt with new environment. Some of you might be very easygoing and some of you would take time to slowly getting used to the new environment. Please do not worry about it because the Bright Internships team will be there for you! We are just like your second family abroad as we are making sure you are safe and comfortable in the new country. We have our staffs available 24/7 for assisting you whenever you have problems during your program. We also help you to show the best place in town and just simply contact us whenever you need our support.