For Parents

Bright Internships has been successfully providing high quality services and our programs are proven to bring benefits to the students who join the program. The students will be equipped with the confidence, knowledge, and experience to be stand out from the peers. Most of our alumni are hired in their preferred companies worldwide and the program definitely is one of the best life experiences for the students. Bright Internships work together with our partners very closely to make sure the program run smoothly.

Q: How internship abroad can be beneficial for my child’s career?

A: The internship experience abroad will improve the resume and most employers prefer to hire someone who has international experience on their qualification. Moreover, during the internship, your child can get hands on and real work experience to practice what they learnt at school. In addition, internship can be the testing period if the industry does really fit your child’s interest and skill. To be able to compete with the peers and international talents, we all need to be equipped with the knowledge, confidence, and experience that we get from internship program and it is definitely a great way to get international network in the industry.

Q: How if my child encounter any difficulties in adapting to the destination site?

A: Experiencing culture shock is very common happening to everyone while traveling abroad. Prior the internship program starts, our local staff will do an orientation which cover cultural and business ethics in the destination country. We also have our local support who are available 24/7 to be contacted for any questions or emergency situation and will try our best to make the transition process as smooth as possible. Furthermore, we have social network event for all participants in the program to get together and get to know each other.

Q: How is the safety during the program?

A:All of our internship destination cities are safe, however we always encourage all participants to go in groups. In addition, our well –trained local staff is available 24/7 for any situation that may arise, any emergency, medical situation, or any issue with the third party provider.

Q: Are students insured during their internship?

Yes, all our students are fully covered under a comprehensive medical and travel insurance with third-party liability coverage.

Q: How is the payment arrangement of the program?

A: If your child is interested to join the program, there will be a deposit or first balance payment before the placement process. Once the internship is set, the remaining balance payment is due. Please do check our refund and cancellation policy for your country destination.

Q: Can we travel together with my child during the program?

A: Yes! Please let us know in advance so that we can prepare airport pick up for the family.

Q: Can Bright Internships help with the tour and travel arrangement if we want to visit our child during the program?

A: Yes! Let us know when and how long you would like to travel and we will help with the tour and travel arrangement

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